We had the good fortune of connecting with Shayla Chablani and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Shayla, how did you come up with the idea for your business?
This idea started once I realized how vulnerable people really are in the day to day, and how one day I was in a similar situation and it hit me what a negative mindset do I have, how frustrated I was and everything was perfectly fine and beyond good in my life, but I was too focused in not seeing it that I rather just complain and have negative thoughts, because lets be real, that is so much more easier and less complicated than to actually shift your thoughts and think positively, Being positive and having a positive mindset is not hard, the tough part is to be able to maintain the positive thinking. Empowering In Style is a Page/ Blog I opened via Instagram to be able to share some positivity and be able to show people that nobody can empower you but yourself, because just as you can “get the power from someone else “ or be “empowered “ it can be taken away in seconds. Mental Health awareness is so so important and I wanted to reach out with it because people that Struggle with mental health think they can’t do anything or constantly feel weak well my perspective in that is that mental health struggles make you stronger as a person and having an issue is very normal but the healing starts when you are aware of it and accept it. Furthermore, it is important to know that you are not alone and find the strength in you and move forward. My goal is to support people to achieve their goals and success and mainly by believing in themselves, because once they do that they get to achieve what they want most. I often think that people that go through mental health struggles and accept it, are stronger because they have demonstrated themselves how strong someone can be and that is the power, recognition of your self-worth. Daily people call me saying I need positivity I have this or that problem and then after I try to spread some positivity they continue with their life and don’t call anymore until they have the next problem, but the truth is, if they had this constant mindset they wouldn’t need me nor anyone to be strong, constant and positive because the strength and the push, to move forward start from one,Don’t get me wrong, I love spreading positivity and always enjoy making people feel better about themselves and helping them but I consider that it is a personal thing to do and it starts with a positive mindset . It is important to spread or inform how fundamental it is for people to unleash their real power in order to embrace what they want for their life and to never ever be scared to express what they feel, and if they want to express it via art and positivity or at least receive a good impact in someones mental health, via my positivity then my goal is in action.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I think My project does not fall in a specific category but just awareness. I choose artist and creative as a subcategory of what I do because I think that a positive thinking or just wanting to have a good base of thought is ART. and its all in how you see it and which angle, I once heard that just as Photography you take a picture and it doesn’t come out as you expected you change the angle of the person or the Camera, similarly in life, You change the way you see the situation. Maybe it is not the common art you see at Galleries but it is a personal type of Art which is equally creative and beautiful. I have learned a lot with this blog “ Empowering in Style” because not only do I spread positivity and try to “empower “ people but I also learn a lot from different people all around the world , many people do NOT share my way of thinking, some of them even come up with rude answers but I never see it that way and always always clarify how we can’t all agree in the same thinking but rather be aware of how we can all share our thinking in our own way, I think it is beautiful how we all don’t share the same thoughts nor see the world the same way because it just makes it more interesting and we all end up learning and inspiring one another.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I think that living in such a diverse city with every type of culture is a big luxury because at the end we all end up learning from one another and treat each other like a BIG family with diverse cultures, at least in my experience, I would take my friend to the beach of course in South Beach because in Miami it is top, also I would take them, to eat in any of the diverse restaurants in Miami, another thing I think is basic is to try the Plant Based Restaurants (I am not the biggest fan of Vegan food) but i think it is really creative how they make vegan food in such a yummy way. I would definitely take my friends to Any of The Nightclubs at Miami because they are all so unique and sophisticated, my favorite ones are LIV, Baôli (launge), Mynt, and of course Mr. Jones Miami. Also Biking at South Beach is super fun and of course my favorite is a Car ride in the beautiful streets of Miami with music at its fullest.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Well I think this is a project I started and got Inspiration from many people Such as My family, and Friends. I also tend to thank all the people that ask me daily for positive inspiration because not only do I express my side of positivism for you but those calls saying “spread some positivity “ fill me and make me feel like I am worthy of expressing good vibes so Thank you, and I am always here to support.

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