We had the good fortune of connecting with Anton Kirindongo and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Anton, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
For many years I had a hustler mindset, “You sleep when you die” attitude. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You actually accelerate your chances of dying prematurely by putting work over everything. Balance isn’t a curse to make your life miserable, it’s a necessity so that you can operate optimally. Miami has been adopting the pace of New York City more and more and many have come to believe that you were weak if you couldn’t put in 16 hours of work consistently. Neglecting family, socialization, spiritual development, sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition is a dangerous place to be, especially if you have been accustomed to this for years like I have. Now I take pride in ensuring I do all those essential practices before worrying about work and the results are staggering. I find myself closing better deals, communicating effectively and organizing and delegating tasks seamlessly.

What should our readers know about your business?
I’m a Brand Developer and creative who utilizes a variety of skill sets to build value for many influencers and businesses. Creative Director, Brand Architect, Photographer, Interior Designer, Fashion Designer, Consultant, and Artist are all applicable titles I hold when servicing clients. I am proud to have a voice in this industry, expressing how I see things from a different vantage point and be in a position to positively impact businesses. I couldn’t do it alone, though! Supporting me are a finely curated collection of Image Makers, Graphic Designers, 3D Artists, Filmmakers, PR Executives, Writers, and Social Media Managers who all hold the same values and service utilized collectively per client. It took a long time to get to a place of independence. Lots of freelancing, dead end jobs, and failed projects. “My talent is not giving up” and that reigns true in my case. It was not easy, but I persisted. Lots of learning and late nights but I’m happy that it’s all paying off. The biggest lesson I learned is people! It’s all about the relationship. You can be the most talented person in the world but if no one likes you, it would be hard to exercise your skills. The exemplary work ethic you have will get you all the skills needed to turnaround quality results and be liked by your clients and your peers. The recurring theme amongst my body of work is storytelling. “It’s one thing to look good, but it’s another thing to have purpose and build priceless value for your audience and clients.” I typically partner with brands in fields such as Real Estate, Hospitality, Art, Fashion, and Print because it challenges me the most and forces my team and me to think beyond ourselves and what we like. What’s the point of creating if we cannot share our God given gifts with world? We want to continue building value and positively impact our community and ultimately the world.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Wynwood would be my answer. Its a popular tourist area. I find myself enjoying an interesting conversation while sitting at MIAM for brunch. Then site seeing all the art and people on foot. So many characters and things to do including shopping in the area. Then there are all the different Miami beaches you can choose for a nice swim. It would take a long weekend to truly enjoy everything.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My dad! Dr Edu Anthony Kirindongo, M.D. He was so influential not only in my business ventures but supportive wholeheartedly. Always telling me: You are smart, you can do it, and finish! Making sure I took it step by step until I completed each task. He was so consistent as I looked at him growing up. Consistency is what I struggled with most and he was there to encourage me to pick up where I left off, do better, and warned me not to learn the hardware by taking unnecessary risks. I have a lot of respect for that man.

Website: antonkirindongo.com
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