Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Dr. Julian Prosia | Dry Eye Specialist

In my opinion risk-taking is one of the most important traits a person could have in their “decision making toolbox”. Ones ability to take a risk gives them the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone. When someone is uncomfortable, it means that they are unfamiliar with a certain thing, person or place. For the human brain, this sense of “feeling uncomfortable” ultimately accelerates our emotional, mental, and psychological growth by putting us in situations where we are forced to problem solve. This brings me to the ideological thought that “ nothing in life comes easy, and that if something presents as easy, it is likely too good to be true.” Being comfortable gives us a sense of ease, since we are familiar with that particular thing, with this being said it also prevents us from challenging ourselves with new experiences. With risk-taking, comes the willingness to learn, the drive to grow and the ambition to succeed. Read more>> 

Milo Estevez | Journalist & Travel Vlogger

I think about risk as an opportunity to overcome my fears and doubts towards something. If you’re not willing to jump and take the risk, then someone else will gladly do it for you. That someone else, will take your chance to learn and experience something new. I see risk as the perfect opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Read more>>

Mabel Cordero | Realtor

Some folks prefer to avoid taking risks; nevertheless, those who are willing to take chances already have a competitive advantage. With new ideas, fresh offers, and bold creations, you’ll be setting the pace and leading from the front. I would not have known what it was like to take a leap of faith if I hadn’t taken the risk of trying out for the Dolphins Cheerleaders and making it. Making connections is essential for success since one door leads to another. I would not have launched my own business and become a successful Realtor in south Florida today if it hadn’t been for leaving a 9 to 5 job that provided a safety net. Read more>>

Randy Garcia | President Man of Action Figures

My entire life and career has been a risk. In small business you have to take risks in order to reach goals. By starting your own business you are betting on your self and your ideas so that is a risk. I welcome it and enjoy risk. Of course its not a crap shoot you need to do your research and then act accordingly. Read more>>

Siobhán Cronin | Violinist

Risk taking has been one of the most essential elements of building my career. All of my greatest leaps in success have been a result of taking a risk: choosing to turn down a consistent, secure position in order to go on tour with an up-and-coming rock band, going against the advice of my teachers and breaking the rules of classical music in order to pursue my own genre of music making, moving to a new city with just a few hundred dollars where I knew nearly no one in order to build a career from the ground up. Even in my artistry as a musician, I take risks all the time in performance and composition. Read more>>

Ashlee Fowler | Makeup & Hair Artist & Content Creator

Taking risk is the only reason I’ve come this far. The risk of choosing a career path that doesn’t follow the norm of attending college, the risk of quitting my job and working freelance, the risk of being unsuccessful. Every risk I took started to unlock doors I didn’t even consider. Scott Barnes and Victoria Duke for example, are both celebrity makeup artist working with Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Miss Universe, just to name a few. I would always think to myself- how did they get there? I can tell you, it wasn’t by seeing their consistent clientele every week to the pay the bills. They took risk! Read more>>

Stephanie Colon | Fashion Designer & Freelancer

How do you think about risk? Risk can be defined as a situation involving exposure to danger. Risk is something I am all too familiar with. I moved to New York City from Miami, Fl in 2015 on a whim. I felt the urgency to make the bold move with little to no money, no job, no place to stay, or any concrete plans. The only thing I had was inspiration and faith! Truthfully, without the risk and faith. I would not have made it. The risk was motivated by a lack of opportunity and a lack of jobs in my creative field. Read more>>

Findler Charles | Chef and owner of Fin’s Kitchen

Well when I first thought about owning my own food truck and being my own boss sounded amazing to me. So with the high hopes of greatness I sold everything that was important to so that I could chase my dreams. I kind of risk it all by jumping into the game with no plans. I found a local guy who built food trucks for a living and at that time I just wanted to my dreams to come true. Little did I know my dreams was about to come to a crashing halt. Got scammed out of $31,590 and was left with a food truck that was only 5% done. Read more>>