Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Alessandra Taryn Bea | Producer, Content Creator & Talk Show Host

Taking a risk in itself means that you may fail – it’s not a guaranteed yes. It’s understanding that what you do and all the effort you put forth might not result in what you were hoping and that’s okay. You have to get comfortable with failing, trying new things and learning more along the way. With anything, really, the more no’s you get, the closer you get to your yes. Read more>>

Alisa Apps | Pro Singer-Songwriter & Boxer AKA The Queenpin””

I think taking risks makes life exciting. I think every day in order to move forward and make changes and do something extraordinary in this ever-moving world, you must take risks – some small, some big and some earth shaking. In fact, taking risks has played the #1 role in my career. From saying “no” to Simon Cowell when he asked me if I would write songs for his artists, challenging Lady Gaga to a million dollar sing-off, to stepping into the ring as a professional boxer and also changing the game in music developing a new way, through boxing. I created a social media movement calling out the singers to fight and sing-off. Read more>>

Deon Jefferson | Designer, Creative Artist, Creative Producer, Singer, Painter, Journalist

Well, one of the main ideas that stick out to me was when I was on the reality show “Undercover Boss:” I was on the show while I lived in Ohio. I was an employee of Alfred Angelo Bridal. The show was top secret, so I did not have a lot of details about. When the producers of the show introduced the idea of being on a reality show, I originally said no. The producer of the show called me and told me that “if I didn’t do the show, it would be a big mistake”. to me, this was a huge risk because they were not allowed to tell me that the show was “Undercover Boss”. Read more>>

Brandon Stewart | social media influencer/ pro athlete

The role that risks had played in my life/career are huge. There are times you may not know the direction or what is waiting for you on the other side of things but that one leap of faith, that’s one risk so to speak can be the reason why your life takes off. I took a risk when it came to traveling and meeting new people and even my manager the first time ever but it turned around and kinda changed my life in a big way honestly. Read more>>

DaJon Nash | fashion stylist

For me, risk taking meant taking that leap of faith. Although Michigan is home, I knew my passion would lead me to bigger and better things. A family member offered me an opportunity for a fresh start in Atlanta. Unfortunately, we had a family dispute which caused me to think about my next move. From there, I began to intern at the Ivy showroom which fueled my passion for styling again. In addition, I took styling courses from celebrity stylist D.rushing. Read more>>

Dr. Kristin Kidgell | Chiropractor, Author & Mentor

how do you think about risk?… I think Risk is what’s needed for change, improvement, development, success, wealth, and happiness. Risk is typically when you are going against the norm, pushing your personal limits or following your dreams even when no one else understands why you want such things. Risk to me may not be Risk to you. If I didn’t risk following my dreams I wouldn’t have the opportunity to help so many people over the last 24 years. Mentoring people, especially women, has been very rewarding as a career but also for my soul. If I didn’t take risks in my life I wouldn’t get to reap the rewards and live a fulfilling life. Read more>>

Alex Callejo | Alex Callejo of AC Photography Chicago – Photographer

Risks these days have a whole different meaning in this world of uncertainty. I do know that change is constant and these days are quite extreme. These extreme changes require more extreme steps that often come with higher risks or more uncertainty. My outlook is that it is now or never. Do what you need to do now. Let your passion lead you but be smart! Hope for the best prepare for the worst. I know these are cliche but we all take risk, but taking big risks can have more fruitful and innovative results. I recently took a risk to travel to LAFW and NYFW as a freelance photographer. I risked time away from family, time away from day job, money, and covid exposure. But it has brought me global connections, lessons, and opportunities (both creatively and financially). Read more>>

Teresa Nguyen | Freelance Journalist

Taking risks has definitely played a significant role in the success of my career. It has only been about 5 years since I’ve been working in journalism, capturing the stories of local people, businesses and nonprofits. I reach for those community stories that inspire us to aim higher and dream big. Dreaming big is exactly what I did. But a dream can only go so far. One has to act on it. It’s that action, that stepping out into the unknown, that faith that you will land okay, that makes a difference. The risks I’ve taken are always of the positive type. It’s important not to take those negative risks that could jeopardize your job, your health or future. Read more>>

Taylor Bell | Stylist & Social Media Strategist

I think risk taking is an important part of not only success but of personal development. Taking risks for me is being able to fully trust myself and my talents and my abilities. The way I look at it, if I’m truly confident enough in my abilities to not let myself fail or fall then I’m ready to take a risk. Im originally from Kentucky and in 2018 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. The biggest risk I ever took thus far was actually taking a strategic pause and moving back home for a year. Read more>>