Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Heather Ivins | Graphic Designer & Fine Artist

There was never going to be another choice for me—I’ve always known that I would work as a creative, in some capacity or another. I’ve been creative/artistic since as far back as I can remember, and I’m fortunate to have a family that encouraged and supported my creative expression. Read more>>

Susan Melton | Marketing Director/Graphic Design

I have always felt the need to to be creative and to help others! In my younger days I didn’t always recognize that creating was truly my passion and thus, I veered off course pursuing another career. Never-the-less I still felt the need to pursue a non-traditional profession so I learned to weld. I spent many years proving myself in what was traditionally a man’s job and became a top welder in my field and one of the first female welders in the region. Read more>>

Lilith Jenovax | Model, Photographer, & Musician

While I always thought I’d be an artist, professionally or not, it wasn’t the initial plan for me. I considered a lot of different career options and eventually obtained my bachelor’s of science in psychology. It all began pretty organically; I got my first DSLR in grade school and experimented a lot shooting just about everything: nature, objects, friends, and myself. I took a lot of self-portraits because I was the easiest model to access. Read more>>

Dyne Side | Artists / Alternative Band

Pursuing a career in art is a byproduct of wanting to play music 24/7. Something we discovered at a young age with no thought of a long term agreement. I feel like you stumble upon it and then it’s your choice if you want to hold on or let go. Unforgivably ambitious for a pipe dream of “making it” but the real drive too is for the love of creating. Art can be therapy, it relinquishes you from the moment that has a grip on you and frees you from the minds tyranny. People forget how important art is for community and sanity. Read more>>

Laura Santiago-Moyer | Owner of The Conscious Glow Boutique

I chose a creative & artistic career, because it is what I’ve always been good at & found joy in. My entire life I’ve always been a creative, artistic person, from drawing & painting as a kid, to doing professional make-up & hair as an adult. I figured why not stick to a career path that allows me to use my gifts & talents, & make a living doing it. Read more>>

Toriano Workman | Tweak the Hip-Hop/Rap Producer

I want to be happy AND provide for my family. Not only is it fun and a passion but it is a transition to a better lifestyle and home! Read more>>

Andria Lecidor | Style Blogger and Jewelry Designer

Throughout my life there has been multiple times and experiences where I felt like people wanted me to change things about myself to be more socially and culturally acceptable. Either it was my nappy hair or colored hair, my body shape or lack there of, I always feel like there was something I had to be insecure about. It wasn’t until my early twenties where I started to feel more confident in myself. Read more>>

Romaine McNeil | Visual Artist & Musician

In all honesty I was never consciously pursuring a career in the arts. I just knew from a very young age there was this undeniable connection to express myself visually, drawing or painting, it was just always there and I always felt the need to do it. Before even taking up a pencil or a paintbruh I could see clear images and concepts in my mind as if they were sitting right infront of me, engaging me in this deep uninterrupted conversation that became so fulfilling. I think the idea of it becoming a career happened when my father, bought my first ever painting, a landscape with a waterfall, and placed it in his office for everyone to see, I was around 13 years old at the time. Read more>>