One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Sebastian ‘Baz’ Quintans | Producer, Writer, & Director

At 5 O’Clock Productions, we are always thinking of new ways to shine a light on our community and its very real problems. Our debut documentary, ‘Trouble in Paradise’ focuses on the terrible effects that global warming has on our community, and the long-term problems Miami will be dealing with in the coming decades. In 2020, during the midst of a global pandemic and witnessing history with the Black Lives Matter movement, we produced ‘Here Comes The Boom’— a weekend-long event spotlighting resounding calls to action from Black Women, girls, and femmes to envision and build new ways of being that figure the Black Femme as lead. This event featured a huge number of BIPOC Femmes from all over the country, sharing their stories, inspiring others, and shedding light on the many issues our community is facing. Read more>>

STELLA VIDAL | Mental Health and Wellness Coach. Author. Artist.

I believe that mental health and wellness services are absolutely under-used in our society, and perhaps it is because there is still a stigma regarding therapy and “seeking help.” Since the pandemic hit, over 20% of Americans suffer from mental illness and I personally know that his figure is higher due to people not wanting to disclose that they are suffering alone. I have dedicated my life to helping individuals and families deal with sadness, anxiety, loss, trauma, grief and other severe mental health issues, and see how human beings are so resilient. If I am able to help an individual feel better by acknowledging that love starts from within, then this one individual will be able to impact those around them in a positive way, instead of projecting their own issues onto others, thus perpetuating suffering in the world. My practice of mental health and wellness revolves around self acceptance, self care and self love. Read more>>

Jorge Parra | Advertising and Fine Art Photographer

I have been. working as an Advertising Photographer way before I moved to the USA, and ever since those days, I have always volunteered my photographic services to non-profit organizations and humanitarian causes I like, the idea being to always give back something in return to a community that has helped me grow and thrive. For this reason, I have done portraits for the Breast Cancer Organizations, AIDS groups, Organ Transplant Programs, and I have also provided assistance to the groups that deal with kids waiting for their adoption, as well as a very saddening set of portraits in terminal stages of cancer. I would like to do more, especially I would love to photograph the American Soldiers upon their return from those thorny and horrible scenarios they have to go through and do the job of protecting our freedom back here in the Homeland. As a photographer and a human being, I pledge and invite any organization which have humanitarian causes I can join and help with my visual work to simply contact me and start collaborating. Read more>>

Susan Wemette, PhD | Co-Executive Director

Blue Planet Global Education coaches teachers on using international classroom-to-classroom collaborations to teach global competence and core curriculum. We want to make sure the next generation is ready to take on an increasingly globalized world with the ability to communicate and collaborate across borders, to understand and celebrate diverse cultures, and to recognize their responsibility as global citizens. In our collaborations, students in both countries learn about another country and its culture from a primary source: a peer who actually lives there. The kids make the shift from “foreign” to “friend,” dispelling stereotypes and racial biases as they ask questions, exchange ideas, and create a collaborative project together. We believe this work not only helps students get ready for future jobs, but also contributes to a more peaceful and just society. Read more>>

Hudson, Luke Elegant | Hudson Elegant | Phillips Academy Andover ‘21, Philanthropist  | Luke Elegant | University of Pennsylvania ‘23, Philanthropist

The Miami Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter that provides food, shelter, clothing, toiletries, medical care, counseling, substance abuse treatment, tutoring, job training, employment, and a Miami Dade College education for Miami’s homeless community. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Miami Rescue Mission remained open. The Mission pivoted quickly when the pandemic began and implemented social distancing within its cafeteria, education center, and residential areas. Staff and residents are required to wear masks, and cleaning crews operate constantly. Daily Covid-19 testing is conducted, and residents testing positive are sent to hotel rooms. The Miami Rescue Mission also serves outdoor meals and provides portable restrooms and shower trucks for everyone in need, including those not living at the Mission. Thanks to the Mission, hundreds of struggling homeless individuals are being cared for when they easily could have been forgotten. Read more>>

Tara Clivio | Franchise Partner, Club Pilates Kendall, Palmetto Bay and West Kendall

If you think of the economic, social, and emotional consequences of not being physically strong and healthy, there are very few things that are impacting our community than that. The pandemic only highlighted our weaknesses as a nation and in particular many under served communities. Our pilates studio is a place where people go to make sure they look great, but it is also a place where we help build respiratory, cardiovascular and immune heath, where people get stronger, fitter, more balanced and flexible and simply just healthier. We work all day long at making people feel good and look good, and love to see these two goals progress simultaneously. Read more>>