The world never stops changing and those changes often bring new challenges and opportunities. Entrepreneurs and creatives are often well positioned to spot trends early and so we asked some very sharp and talented folks if there is a shift they see in the world that they think most other people haven’t noticed or taken seriously enough yet? Check out some of our favorite responses below.

Claudia Duran | VIP Matchmaker | Coach

I feel people need to take more seriously the damage that excessive use of dating apps have taken on society. The way technology is engineered, it has unfortunately brought out the worse in the behavior of both men and women on these apps, who use them to sport date, next, next, next, often meeting someone and when one small disagreement arises or chemistry is not immediate and strong, the tendency can be to hop right back on the apps like an addict. This has not served anyone. I have seen even people who are very sincere in their search for love behave this way and its disheartening. I truly believe if you are ready to meet someone, you MUST be open and available and give someone a chance that you like. That means delete all apps, and get meeting people in real life! Imagine if everyone who was on the apps was off the apps and actually meeting people organically, in person!

About me: I am a VIP Matchmaker and Authenticity Coach, and I work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, and other exceptional singles to help them find love and help remove what may be blocking them from it.

JADINAH SEJOUR-GUSTAVE | Managing Attorney & Int’l Best-Selling Author

The shift that I’ve recognized is a push to achieving alone, as opposed to what we are created for, which is collaboration and community. The More We Get Praises and attention for the singular acts, words and posts that we put out on different social media Networks it amplifies and encourages the concept of you grow and you win all by yourself. I believe that is a false teaching. Even if that was not the intent it has become the result of the message perpetuated for Oneness. I truly believe that it has contributed to our rise in mental health issues. It is important to know our unique voices but it is more important to understand that nature uses our unique voices together to provide all that is good to our society and ourselves.

About me: A devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister and international best-selling author. An accomplished attorney, international speaker, and servant leader in the community.

Lisa Collum | Author/Owner of Top Score Writing and Owner/Principal of Coastal Middle and High School

I think everything needs to be short and simple for people. Take marketing ads for example, everything is shifting to videos (no one wants to read long messages) and they are 15-30 seconds long. People want information/products simple and easy. We have to adjust to that.

About me: I am the author/owner of Top Score Writing, Inc. (nationwide curriculum company) and the owner of Coastal Middle and High School (nonprofit high school)

GiGi Diaz | Mindset & Business Coach for Women – Founder of Seizing Happy

There’s a shift happening in entrepreneurship away from being purely numbers based to approaching business more holistically. Both men and women are going inward to make many decisions intuitively, not just logically and it’s a beautiful shift to see. Our businesses are an extension and reflection of us, so approaching them both logically and intuitively is more encompassing. I’ve received clients equally interested in growing their social media presence and improving their meditation practice both with the intention of scaling their business. There’s a growing awareness that if you aren’t in a state of growth your business can’t be either and I love to see that.

About me: I’m a certified Mindset Coach and Founder of Seizing Happy. We’re a coaching organization that nurtures the business and the woman behind the business so our clients can achieve success with less stress.

Kahlia Meeks | Motivational Teacher, Author and Para-Entrepreneur

I am a change agent who sees the evolution of the world with the ability to provide solutions to challenges and problems in order to accelerate opportunities. A lot of people in the past and present have missed opportunities due to innocent ignorance and failure to research. As an example, changing one’s mindset and train of though for the better will bring positive outcomes. With the advantage of technology in many forms, many people are using technology as a means of absorbing things which are unproductive. There are so many individuals throughout the world who are one click or step away from beginning to change their lives but they allow distractions to haunt them. I am here to help break the chains of stagnation so people can tap into their full potential.

About me: I am the founder of Kahlia Meeks Enterprises which is a conglomerate of my business endeavors and partnerships. I am a certified life coach and author who teaches how to manifest one’s destiny by utilizing the free-willed birthright of personal development to change every aspect of life for the better.

Maria Alejandra Hernandez | Creative Director

In the last 10 years, weddings have evolved to be more personal to each couple, and less ‘traditional’ going from what they should do, to what feels right to do! Couples are now customizing every detail of their wedding from their fully customized stationery to their location to how they approach entertainment. I would say weddings have become more of an opportunity to express yourself and your style through customization. We truly enjoy building things, making them work as needed, for us is important to truly understand the clients, get their essence, and put it into something tangible. That’s why we don’t constrain our imagination; that’s why we have no limits in our techniques, machines, or systems; that´s why our stationery is so unique and continuously evolving.

About me: Hi! I am María Alejandra, Creative Director and Co-founder at Alibombo. A Creative Studio that works with custom event stationery and package design.