We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Olga Lee | Creator | Actor and Enterpreneur

Freedom. Freedom to be free, to choose, to decide and to express myself. I figured, we, humans, tend to attach to and seek for things and conditions that provide security, comfort, quality. But when you look at it closely, that often leads to being dependent on a number of things and other people’s opinions, decisions, choices. I have spent a lot of years working in world’s largest and less big regional corporations, thinking I was happy because I had a stable, high and solid income, great benefits, and lots of other things that let me travel the world, live an amazing comfortable life and provide the same comfortable living to my family, until one day when I realized that none of that was giving me the most important thing – freedom. In fact, I was a victim of all those great benefits, great work conditions and salary… I didn’t belong to myself; I couldn’t often what I really felt or thought; I had to accept someone else’s point of view because it was the “right thing to do” in my position, my job. Read more>>

Herbert Skillz | Music Producer/Artist/DJ

Making Music, producing good songs and performing, people appreciating my work. Spending time with my wife and family, travelling. Spreading happiness and positive messages through music. Why because music and my wife are important to me, and I like trying to focus on positives. Read more>>

Paul KasticK | Paul KasticK.(GrooveGalore MuziK) – Producer, Musician/Artiste,Compo

Going to the beach in my hometown of Montego Bay on Sundays and or Saturdays is one of the ultimate feeling of total freedom ever, eating Jamaican beef & or Cheese Patties its also a highlight for me which I have enjoyed from my childhood days. It’s one of the first things I do when I get out of Customs at the airport in Montego Bay, which lets me know I’m indeed home. There is nothing like being home with that sense of familiarity which is to me just priceless. It’s very much the little things nowadays I’ve come to respect, appreciate & yearn for and feeling happy about. Being respectful to people overall and having that courtesy and respect shown back is also something I greatly admire more & more each day. The Beach has always been an obsession of mine since my childhood days & throughout high school so it totally remains that way. Read more>>