We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Antonio Chavez | Audiovisual Producer

My job! because with my work I can inspire other people, because I can mark unique and special moments and because from a photo and a video I can bring that memory to now forever, to be humble, to be a fighter and to be focused on. Read more>>

Tennisha Bryan | Beauty Specialist

The things that makes me happy is having a successful business. Seeing the amazing reviews from my clients and people who have purchase my products. Read more>>

Tomplexx | Artist

What makes me happy is simple. Spending time with my family is number one. Any sort of couch potato activity, video gaming, binge watching Netflix, basically anything where laziness and entertainment are priority uno! But, I also love painting what I want to paint! I no longer do commissions anymore because they sucked the fun out of painting for me. I began to hate painting and look at it like homework. Now I paint what I want and it not only attracts more people, but is once again a form of fun for me, which makes me happy. Read more>>

Bami Kuteyi | CEO of TWERK AFTER WORK™

Seeing myself and the people around me grow in confidence and light makes me so so happy. I believe I was put on this earth to spread joy, inspire and educate women around the importance of loving themselves so living out this purpose makes me happy. Twerking also makes me happy – it’s spiritual for me. Read more>>

Jeff Bartel Chairman and Managing Director, Hamptons Group

More than anything else, “giving” makes me the happiest. With family and friends, it is giving all my heart, soul, passion, energy, and purpose to them. With commerce and community, it is the giving of my time, experience, advice, economic and social capital, and resources to the people and places around me. Beyond that, it is giving whatever else I may have to help others beyond the businesses, community entities and associations in my area–whether that is through philanthropy or public policy, or other areas. After having read Adam Grant’s seminal book “Give and Take,” it has become clear to me that I enjoy being a “giver.” There is certain joy and self-actualization that comes from focusing on others and that translates into joy and fulfillment for oneself. And possibly, strangely, over time, the more that direction is focused outward and toward giving to others, the less the day to day problems and frustrations affect me. I’m not saying they don’t, but instead of thinking about “self,” when the focus is “others,” it helps make my own challenges and issues less anxious or stressful, and brings a certain peace and harmony to it all. Read more>>

Alyssa Marie | Singer/Songwriter & Musician

Theres a lot of things that make me happy. Music makes me the happiest because its what I love to do and having the support I get from my parents, family, and friends makes me feel very happy because I have a solid support system. Read more>>

Donna Irene Coelho | Travel Photographer & Environmentalist

My passion is for telling capturing beautiful people and places around the world and having their story inspire change. As a travel photographer, I’ve been all around the world and out of all of the places I’ve been, my favorite have been those with the warmest people. From sleeping under the stars of the Sahara with desert people in Morocco to learning how the native women of Oaxaca have been making ceramics for generations, their stories are what fuel me. We live in a world where we are constantly thinking about ourselves, our own worries, our own needs, and it becomes easy to forget that there are 7 billion people out there each with their own struggles, joys, and a story worth telling. And getting to play a role in being a voice for them is why I’m still shooting after 15 years. Read more>>