We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Alex Dixon | Photographer

Learning to be with people who I find value in being around. I like to go out with people and make memories, I dont like to be on my phone, and I hate social media as It can get boring, repetitive, and can be detrimental to mental health. Whenever I am feeling uneasy, down, anxious, or tired, hanging out with my friends always lifts my mood. Read more>>

Danna & Shira Bitton | Interior Designer & Professional Organizer

Ending a job and knowing this made a positive impact on our clients life is priceless. Seeing an organized space makes us happy, but seeing the joy in our clients faces once a space is completed is as good as it gets. Read more>>

Paul Huizenga | Founder – Zi Dobre

Investing in the best interest of others is the most rewarding aspect of what we do. Without a doubt when we find out our products have cured someone’s health or skincare conditions, it brings an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. I always shed a tear or two when an individual shares a success story. One story that I really got emotional was when we donated our oil to a child that had these sores on his face. He is three years old, and the irritation kept this child from sleeping at night, and was really painful. When I visited my coffee spot three days later, Samantha showed me the pictures of this child restored to perfection. It is miracles like these that make me happy. The products were a free gift, and the reward was priceless to me. Tears of joy flowed freely. Read more>>

Melissa Silver | Plant Stylist & Teacher

Our small business, Silver Garden Co., has allowed me to express myself in a way that fulfills the creative side of me that I always wanted to explore. I bought a home about 4 years ago and really enjoyed making it a home these past few years. Part of making my house a home was finding unique and special decor pieces and beautiful plants that made me truly appreciate the joy of being home (with my plants). Since launching Silver Garden Co. in August of 2020 what has really made me happy is seeing our customers become successful plant parents. I really enjoy being able to find the right pair of plant and planter to fit each customer’s home style and environment. I have been able to share my love of plants with others and inspire people to add some greenery into their homes and learn to grow to have that same feeling of joy. Now that we have been providing the service of styled houseplants for 7 months I love receiving pictures of our customer’s plant babies thriving months later!. Read more>>