Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

C. Kindred | 2x certified lash technician

I pursued a creative career path because I wanted to bring what I seen in other states to Miami. I love lashes and find that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and because that quote, it just shows me how much more amazing, and special lashing is to me. Read more>>

Valeria Nocera | Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist

Being able to pursue my passion as a career was always a dream of mine, but never knew how to achieve it. Until I found that it was possible and there where majors dedicated to the beauty industry. It was a scary decision to choose that path, since it’s not he “normal” way to go. But I had faith in my choice, and I’ve never backed down since. As cliche as it sounds i never saw myself doing the regular cubicle job, that didn’t seem like an option for me. That’s the beauty of creative careers, you can be a free spirit, everyday is a different story, you’ll never get bored! and I love it! Read more>>

Jayla B | (Graphic & Web) Designer + Brand Strategist

This was something that came ultra natural to me. I’ve immersed myself into the world of design from a very early age, but very organically. I would sit for hours going through every setting and feature on Microsoft Powerpoint (because that was the closest thing to digital design that I had access to), I would spend days (yes…days) designing houses on the Sims computer game, I taught myself how to draw, I started designing and actually making my own clothes and by the time I was in high school, I was editor-in-chief of my yearbook staff. Read more>>

Maria Serritella Anton | Choreographer . Performing artist

I pursued an artistic and creative career because it has always been the driving passion inside my heart. There is really nothing else that lights me up more than the elements of the entertainment and performing arts industry; be it fashion, music, dance, or theater. Read more>>

Dashing With Diamond

The reason I chose to pursue a creative career like YouTube is because I love to be in front of the camera, and I love the backside of the content creation process. Yes, I love to take photos and talk to a camera, but I also love the editing and analytics side as well. I think being on both sides of the camera helps me understand For example if I saw an editing style done by someone else I am able to understand how they did what they did. Read more>>

Zha Zha Mair | Content Creator & Stylist

I am currently pursuing work in the field of social media as a content creator. Growing up I have always been involved in the arts. I have always loved to paint and design clothing. I grew up creating my own content, I would dress up for fun and make many random home videos everyday after school. I also attended an art school where I was able to showcase my work in a gallery. As a young adult, I then became interested in designing my own clothing and footwear. Though I achieved academically, I was always a consistent and constant visual leaner. Read more>>