Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Lauren Eli | Photographer

I am an artist. I have never left that behind in pursuit of anything. My parents have always been supportive of my artistic passions and creative abilities. They raised me to follow my creative passion wherever it leads. They’ve never asked me to change or neglect my creativity. My entire life they have fostered my growth as an artist through museum visits, classes, supplies, and opportunities to grow in my chosen crafts. They’ve supported it all. I’ve never had to neglect my art. Read more>>

Eduardo Vega de Seoane | Artist, painter

I couldn’t do otherwise, it was something in my guts and I had no choice although is a way full of difficulties Read more>>

maximiliano | artist, educator, creative director, curator, & choreographer

I love to create, to make marks, to record moments and emotions in gestures, to process through a visual medium, to meet people, to make friends, to collaborate to make art with others, to share art and travel the world doing such. Art is imagining and dreaming new and potential futures, other worlds, and other ways of being, to further new realities, to believe and then exist. Read more>>

Amaris Cruz-Guerrero | Artist and Cook

I had a moment when it became really clear that being an artist was what I needed to do- not in some righteous way but, I had the desire to make my memories and intense yearnings tangible. I studied Art, Art History and Religious Studies in college. Prior to that, I wanted to be a ballerina. Read more>>

MaRICHka Shkuro | Artist

Your life changes dramatically when you look directly to the eyes of death. I did see horror when Russia started a war in Ukraine. I have understood – Life is too short, you should always do what makes You happy and rises your self esteem. Thats is my main rules in life. Read more>>

Yewande Ambeke | Visual Artist and Pharmacist

I liked what I created and how I felt while creating. So, I decided to follow the artistic path and pursue a career as an artist Read more>>

Caylin MacDonough | Lived in HairColor and Extension Specialist

All my life I’ve always loved art and people. So it surprises many when I say that I had no interest in being a hairstylist prior to being in hair school. I had graduated at 16, and had the ability to learn a trade and be fully equipped to have a career prior to turning 18 ( thanks mom!) My mom thought cosmetology school would be a good move, as I loved to do makeup for myself and friends, and I had nothing else up my sleeve so I went for it. Read more>>

Connor Jenkins | Photographer & Videographer

I believe some people choose to pursue an artistic or creative career, and others grow into the same. My story is more the latter. Since I was the age of 5, classical piano lessons and broadway shows were a staple in my family. Like our friends, my brothers and I also played all the seasonal sports, but it was my grandmother’s goal to ensure we were raised with music and creativity on the forefront of our minds. Read more>>

Rochi Llaneza | Art Consultant/Art Appraiser/Curator

I have BA and BFA degrees but nothing gives me a feeling of fulfillment as creative processes do. I tried administrative jobs but not until I organically fell into arts administration/curatorial work did I feel I was where I should be. Read more>>

Joshua Tucker | Drummer & Content creator

I have always had a deep love for music.. I played the drums all my life and always had dreams and aspirations of making it my career. . Going through life working a 9-5 and attending college i knew that wasn’t the route i wanted to take. So i bet on myself and the decision to take my musical career serious. Read more>>