We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Courtney Burg | Writer & Mentor

I remind women of their worth and help them break free from codependency and people pleasing. After years of 1 on 1 coaching, I felt called to create a space where women could access the course work and material whenever they wanted to. In 2020 I launched Discover Your Worth and now women from all over the world are able to utilize the material and connect with each other for accountability and support. Read more>>

Jennifer Teplin, LCSW | Founder & Psychotherapist

For many years I was working as a psychotherapist in a private practice in Manhattan. While I felt that I was serving my clients the best I could I often found myself reflecting on how the service and experience could be optimized. Most private practices service a general population for example many practices will work with adolescence or adults but this didn’t feel like a true ‘specialty to me’. I know to be the best at anything you have to get your reps in and I felt the same could be applied to individual therapy. Read more>>

Daniqua Williams | Mental Health Therapist

After Hurricane Dorian tragically hit The Bahamas in 2019, Bahamians were left traumatized and suffering from mental anguish. As a native Bahamian, I quickly realized that we don’t facilities to provide easily accessible mental health care especially on the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco. There were crisis interventions going on but what happens when those community organizations leave the island? I decided to start an online mental health private practice to meet this need. Read more>>

Gabbriella Gabbidon | Organizational Strategist

So ‘The Daily Life Planner’ was created in the shower during my morning conversation with God. I am a single mother so that is the best place for quite time. I can hear myself think along with having the one on one time with God. I’ve always said I wanted to be able to retire early so I could have quality time with my kids along with traveling and helping others but I didn’t know what I could do. So one day I was having a conversation with God and he told me it’s time. For me I didn’t know what he meant because I had a lot of ideas and so little finance. Read more>>

Agnieszka Sycewicz | Massage therapist.Owner of mobile massage company in Florida. Real Estate investor and and Author of a book”GIVE FAITH A FIGHTING CHANCE

I wanted to one day be financially free and help as many people as possible. Read more>>

Franco Conquista | Fitness content creator

I have Always been very creative and had a big imagination. Now that I thinks back I can see clearly I’ve always been a leader rather then a follower. This urge of leaving a legacy behind, to have the opportunity to inspire people and those smiles on clients when I help them achieve their goals it’s what inspired me to do more and better, that it’s ok to have my own vision and projects, that u can believe dream can come true. Especially mines 😁 Read more>>

Jayant Gupta | Digital Marketer

My thought behind starting a Digital Marketing Agency is to help and aware of the Real Estate niche and how they can use social media and stand out in the market. Realtors use the old method like cold calling or door knocking which is not working nowadays. At present time we should have a personal brand of our business. Read more>>

Natalie Edwards | Mommy and Me Class Instructor

Well, When my son was an toddler, I would take him to Mommy and Me classes in Manhattan NY and I loved how going to these classes taught him songs and to be social and engaging towards other toddlers. As a new mom it can be a bit lonely at times, but I myself would meet other moms who turned into friends at these classes as well. What I’ve noticed was that there weren’t many classes like these in Brooklyn and that caregivers in certain neighborhoods could afford. Read more>>

Prince Riley | CEO of STA agency

I’ve always had a business mindset. I feel in life you can work for someone else forever and be limited to what you can make and I how you can grow. I started my own business so I can be my own boss and be in control of my own vision and destiny. Read more>>

Eleni Diaz | Local Business Owner & Mother

I wanted to create business where I can use my creativity and create unique events and photography sets. I was always the designated party planner in my family. Whenever we had a baby shower or a birthday party, I was always the person in charge. The pandemic really catapulted my business it had given me time to plan and create something unique during uncertain times. It allowed me to really put myself “out there” and with support from my family and friends I created Sunshine Design Studio. Read more>>

Ashwin Sabbani Physician & Owner | Practicing ER Physician and Owner/Founder/Medical Director of Nuvo You

Myself and my business partner Ashley were working together in the ER at the time we founded Nuvo You in 2018 — myself as a physician and Ashley had a PA, here in South Florida. We had heard about the trend of IV Therapy MedSpas opening up. At the same time at our daily jobs, we were seeing and realizing how many people have to come in to the ER for relatively minor complaints — ailments that may require an IV and some medications, but otherwise require no special testing, and a lot of patients basically knew what they wanted. Read more>>

Brian Largaespada | Owner – The Nostalgia Den

I had originally worked at a game store in Sunset Place that people loved! There was nothing like it for miles. It was a big space, a great selection, and in a good location. I loved working there, made it as manager and I made that place shine to the point that people started to think I was the owner of the business. Sad truth was, that the owner was making his own mistakes and the store eventually failed. Read more>>

Danielle Ondarza Cipriani | Wedding & Event Planner

While working as a Fashion Photography Producer I planned my own wedding, when the big day was starting to roll around I realized that I needed someone to make sure that everything I had planned came to fruition. Well while the wedding was lovely, the end of the night came and I realized my Day of Coordinator that I hired left without picking up my personal details… Read more>>