We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

irvin rabinovich | owner

I wanted to start creating custom pieces for my clientele. I was always into artistic work and wanted to show my work to people . I always knew that gold was a precious metal and demand for it would aways be great. Read more>>

Danielle Pottinger-Cooper | Digital Boss Babe, Brand Idea Generator and Food Blogger

I know the normal thing to say is ‘I wanted my freedom’ but the reason I began Abound is because I want to leave a direct and positive impact on every client I work with. Many teams when I’ve worked for agencies or other businesses, often times your efforts can be swept under a rug or you’re busy working for someone else’s legacy. Read more>>

Louis Nicholas Albanese | Coffee Roaster & Healthcare Financial Professional

In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, I was told that I would temporarily be working from home. I work in healthcare full-time and commuted to work about 1 1/2 each way. I actually looked forward to working from home because it meant I would be able to spend more time with my family and my pets. Read more>>

Neosha Franklin | Candle Artisan

My thought process for starting Serene Nights Candle Co. originally started with my husband in mind. He loves candles and so I thought instead of continuing to by them, I could create candles of my own that not only look great but are also more eco-friendly. Something that once started as just a hobby, making candles for my husband turned into a business. Read more>>

Caitie Corradino | Dietitian-Nutritionist, Holistic Nutrition Counselor, and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

I created Full Soul Nutrition because it is my absolute passion to help people break free from body shame and the cycle of “yo-yo dieting” – so that they can feel energized for the truly fulfilling things in life (like building a career, having beautiful relationships, learning, traveling, exploring, creating, and more)! Read more>>

Chelsea Anderson | Cookier and Cake Artist

My baking business kind of started by accident. During the day, I work in a very compliance-based and male dominated field, but I have always been a very fluid and creative soul. I desperately needed an outlet to express my creativity, and also build community with other like-minded people. Read more>>

Irina Kostka | Architect & Managing Director

I started by own business out of a need to be financially independent and flexible with my time. Architects typically work long hard hours which unfortunately doesn’t lend to raising a family and having a balanced life. Once I became pregnant with my daughter I decided “okay, that’s it – time to do my own thing, and I need to do it well” From that point on I started putting my work out there, even when I was unsure of it – and it eventually started paying off. Read more>>

Debra Thompson | Weddings & Events Planner

I have always had a passion for events as far back as being the wife of a CEO of a major company. Attending events with my husband always had me so impressed with his staff and their handling of producing large corporate events. I would say to him, “please take care of these folks as this is much work and time to produce”. Fast forward a few years later, I became involved in non profit events which I so enjoyed as the challenge was to spend less and make more revenue for the organization. Read more>>

Christine VanDoren | Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Business Owner

I quickly discovered that I didn’t want to spend my time helping other people make money when I could be pursuing my passions while simultaneously putting money directly in my pocket. While it certainly makes sense to work for others in some circumstances, it was unnecessary for me in order to get to where I want to be. So, instead of getting an internship after graduating college, I quit my job and told myself I would figure it out. Read more>>

Cassandra Fleurimond | Chef & Entrepreneur

The thought process behind starting my business derived from early childhood; it was something that was already installed in me waiting for me to discover. I remember as a child always eager to be in the kitchen with my mother and ready to assist. Coming from a big family my mother was always the go to person when it came to cooking because of her expertise in making great Haitian authentic dishes; the baton was being passed coincidentally. Read more>>

Elizabeth Mazzurco | Cookie Artist

My business really began as a hobby. I had resigned from teaching elementary school to stay home with my three children. When my daughter was in pre-school I began teaching myself how to create decorated sugar cookies as a hobby. I had always been crafty and loved baking so it was a nice fit! I donated some to a pre-school bake sale and multiple people asked me if I sold them! After a few years of baking for friends and family I decided to give the hobby a chance as a career. Read more>>

Sergio Enríquez | Owner

I decided to start my own business to promote Día de Muertos (DDM) and encourage other to embrace their inner-rebels all year round. This is because I noticed that many brands sold limited-time-only DDM products. Establishing my own DDM-inspired business would allow people to have access to this Mexican tradition whenever they wanted. Thus, rebelling against the norm and celebrating life on their own terms. Read more>>

Nicole and Manoli Aivazoglou and Lagos | Co-founders and Wellness Consultants

In my previous career as a consultant I worked for a huge corporation, although I was challenged and surrounded by incredibly smart people, I felt disconnected from my work and wanted more at the end of each day. The reason I started my own business was simple, it was to create a greater sense of purpose and connection with my work and to build something that would help the greater good. I felt that I couldn’t live my life behind a desk doing work that I felt didn’t really matter, so I took the leap. Read more>>

Alicia Adelusi | Self Love

i wanted people to start putting themselves first because nobody can love you more than yourself. As someone who has gone through the journey of self-love and started to realize how important it is to love yourself. So I thought why not start with a spa box where you can love yourself in the comfort of your home, where you can really just relax and rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Picking only natural products that will help you feel beautiful and loved. Read more>>

Sydney Shank | Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I wanted to shift from the field I was working in, into the field of nutrition, which had become my passion due to its impact on my personal life and the impact I’d seen it make on others as well. I also desired flexibility with my family, as raising my daughter caring for our home are top priorities for me. Starting my own business seemed to be a way to accomplish both of these things. However, starting a business is/was challenging in a lot of ways! Right now, I am running my business part time on the side while I continue to work my “9-5”, with the goal of my business becoming full time! Read more>>

Federico Martin | Founder and Managing Director

I started my first business at the age of 21, my grandfather and my Dad were both business owners, so I guess inside me, because its all I saw since an early age. Read more>>

James McKinley | Teeth Whitener and Tooth Gem Technician

I had been a successful dental professional for about 9 years when I launched Jreamz Tooth Gems. Although I had many accomplishments in dentistry, I was not completely fulfilled. I needed to find a way to merge my knowledge in dentistry with my natural gift of business, administration, and art. Jreamz Tooth Gems was an idea I had for many years, but like many of us, I was fearful to take the leap of faith. Thankfully, I surrounded myself with other business owners and entertainers that gave me the inspiration I needed to venture into this new chapter in life. Read more>>

Christina Carmona | Actress/Filmmaker/Television Host/Author

The thought process behind starting my own business was to tell my stories, but also create the roles I wasn’t being cast for. Roles that I knew I could play. Sometimes when you’re not getting the part you want, you have create the part yourself. Read more>>

Erodia Pierre-Paul | Woman of God, Founder of J’adore Blessings, Philanthropist, Purpose Life Coach

The thought process behind J’adore Blessings was simple. God and the love of giving/serving. Through His love, kindness, and desire to shower us with blessings He built J’adore Blessings on this foundation. Spreading love, kindness, and showering others with blessings has been such an easy and rewarding task. God has planted a seed of love and light in me, and I am so grateful that I get to share that through J’adore Blessings every time the opportunity presents itself. Being a blessing by way of giving, serving. loving. and caring for others brings a satisfaction that is truly rewarding in ample ways. Read more>>

Edward Pimentel | Platinum Ballerz President and Head Coach

The reason or thought process behind starting our own business was to help underprivileged kids in the community get to college thru baseball. This way most of them would become first generation college students as opposed to a product of their environment. We feel that at the end of the day higher education is the key to financial freedom. Read more>>

Miah Sims | Content Creator & SAHM

What is funny is I never thought I would be a business owner. I thought I would go to college, become an engineer, and work my way up the chain. It all changed when I met my husband. He opened my eyes to see that there was more to life than just working up a chain. I knew I wanted to be home with my family and fulfill my purpose by helping women. Content creation just fell in my lap and I stepped out on faith. Now, I can support my family and still enjoy them. Read more>>

Laurie Trefaller | Intuitive Guide

I created my own business so I could incorporate all of my backgrounds: therapy, energy healing, yoga, reiki, and my own personal experiences. I always wanted to help people from a very young age, yet I never expected to have my own business. It was through trial and error of trying different jobs and career paths that ultimately led me to understanding that I needed to create my own healing business. Read more>>

Kristelle Boulos | Miami & Destination Wedding Photographer

I always knew I wanted to become a professional photographer but I never knew how. Even though I had a clear desire, my parents encouraged me to select a more traditional major in college, one that could lead to a secure career. I opted for landscape architecture but I was secretly hoping that someone would “discover me” and take me by the hand to show me the way to become a professional photographer. Read more>>

Sky Janga | Producer & Artist

I felt that with all the work experience I’ve had over the years, it would best suit me as a business owner if I took my prior knowledge/skill set along the way as an entrepreneur. Whether it be known or not the jobs we secure or choose are experiences that will help you in the working world tremendously, it is all about how you retain it. Read more>>

Eva Fernandez-Villegas | Principal at The BAU Group

While working for a large corporate architecture firm and moving through the hierarchy; We came to a professional crossroads when we realized that we had the knowledge, experience and soft skills to lead projects and teams on our own. Read more>>

Natalie Rios | Business Owner and Single Mama

Jessenia and I (Natalie) are first-generation, Dominican American sisters, raised in NYC and living in Brooklyn, NY. Four years ago, we decided to feed our entrepreneurial spirit and go into business – this is how we launched @little.lola.and.tots – a cultural and educational play space in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn. Read more>>

Angelica Maria | Model & Youtuber

It was the easiest way to legitimize my income. Social media is such a new industry and it’s often discredited and not taken seriously. Once I had enough platforms that I was making income from, I knew I needed to make my entrepreneurial career an official business. Read more>>

Tai´Sheree Musette | Female CEO & Visionary

The thought process behind starting my business own business was deciding to remove myself from someone else’s dream and creating my own. I made a conscious decision to refocus my efforts and immediately developed the idea of centering my by business around one of the many things that I not only enjoyed but possessed a passion for… Read more>>

Liz Mendoza | Skincare Specialist & Business Owner

I wanted to create a business where people could go to pamper themselves while also improving their skin from harsh environments, natural elements, common toxins, and other everyday stressors. By creating a skincare clinic that would not only target one type of clientele but rather all skin types and their conditions, it would welcome those that had never gotten a facial before but truly needed one. Read more>>

Jennifer Haq | Small business owner

I’ve always been into crafting, but I was diagnosed with lupus about four years ago so I decided since I’m not able to work full-time anymore , but I would be able to have a small business and work at my own pace and time. There’s nothing better than being able to do what you love to do and I love creating. Read more>>

Guljahon Fayzullaeva | Gulya Fayzullaeva, RN, BSN

As medical professionals, it is always our best interest to help others. We wanted to make our services more affordable and more accessible compared to other competitors. Read more>>

Young | Hustle Hard Apparel Ceo

Wanted to be free from the shackles of the working American. Wanted to create something of our own that we can control as please and dictate as we want. Without being told by bosses how to operate. Free spirit, free creativity, and free minds. Read more>>

Christelle & Markus Duverlien | Entrepreneur & small business owner

When we started Everything Shiny Cleaning all we could think about was are we ready for this life changing opportunity. We got married during the pandemic and moved to our house same year , we both was running out our savings and we were not bringing much of income for our household . With our entrepreneur minds we started putting ideas together on how we can bring in more income and have financial freedom to accommodate our day to day needs and beyond. Read more>>