Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Sinem Mei | Performance Artist & Costume Designer

My success is primarily due to the seamless integration of performance art and costume design. My career initially began as a fire dancer but expanded to include many other types of expression through costume design and character creation. Aside from what I provide on stage it is also important to be socially aligned with the community that I am involved with. I always try to go the extra mile behind the scenes to make an event great even if it is not in the job description. Read more>>

Jesùs Nùñez | Jesùs Nùñez | Artist | Gallerist

For sure is hardwork. Read more>>

Fabián Cabrera Lanza | Entrepreneur & Personal Care Expert

I believe the most important factor behind Capone’s success is dedication and sacrifice. These two factors are closely associated since all success requires many sacrifices and even family. Read more>>

Adi Schwartz Gomez | Wife Mom Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success and brand is to always be kind and humble. Being humble and kind has always been who I strive to be as a person and conduct all business in that fashion because it’s more important to me to build relationships. Read more>>

Juan Castaneda | Filmmaker

Our work is mission-based, so what moves us is passion, not money. That’s not to say that the financial health of our company isn’t essential; it just means that the projects we take on have to fulfill our souls. Read more>>

Jose Ramos | Media Content Creator

Being consistent, for me it is one the most challenging part, I do have a full time job and trying to get the balance between everything work, personal life and working to follow your dreams is something very difficult. Also, looking for a coach that can go and help you, they know exactly what to do. Read more>>

Mariel Bredbenner | Silver smith And artist

For me it is how it brings others together. I have always felt much like an outcast. When I began to discover the artistic gifts I had, it wasn’t one that conformed to how everyone else was. It was how I felt. It was creating my brand…a brand that would never go away. Read more>>

Sydney Frankhouser | Owner & Designer

One of the most important factors behind my brand is the story behind it. My Gypsy Child originated from the nickname my grandmother gave to me as a kid but the meaning of “gypsy child” is about so much more. This brand is meant to illustrate the many different places my grandmother traveled too during her younger years and the many different cultures she embraced. I pride myself promoting uniqueness and differences that ultimately creates something beautiful. Each hat will never be the same as the next. Read more>>

Paul Herman | Professional Choreographer & Motivational Speaker

I feel the biggest factors behind my success with my brand comes down to five main area in which I live by. 1. My ability to connect with my cliental.
2. I will always be a student before anything else. 3. I put communication at a high when it comes to my company. Strong communication skills is essential when it comes to a companies growth. 4. I focus on making sure I know the difference between goals and expectations. 5. I put my faith in a higher power that guides me everyday on my journey to be the best version of myself. Read more>>

Matteo Freyrie | DJ & Event Organiser

Since i moved to Melbourne my main goal was to be able to perform live music in front of a real audience of nightclubs and events. The step of going from playing hours of music for myself to getting out there in the real Dj World was crucial and that was what pushed me to go out there, create connections with promoters, event organisers and other djs in the industry. Read more>>

Kenneth Benjamin | Owner of Lignum Honey Inc.

I believe that commitment an consistency have been the greatest driving force behind the success we have been blessed to experience at Lignum Honey. Just always maintaining a presence and voice in the culture is important to not only remind customers that you are still here but also to provide content that is relevant for current and future customers alike. Read more>>

Michelle Roberts | Baker and Credit Repair Specialist

Our partnership (business partner- Justin Saunders) and combined desire to create food that represents our passion and desire to take care of the people we feed and make them happy is the most important factor behind our success. Because of this it means that we don’t cut corners on quality ingredients packaging and cooking techniques. Read more>>