Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Michell Silva | Freelance Vehicle Wrap Designer & Print Consultant

When it comes to designing vehicle wraps, many of my clients and even fellow designers aren’t aware of how much time and effort I spend on research, planning and preparing files ready to print. These three elements are crucial to making sure the design is effective and free of errors. One look and my clients’ potential customers must know right away what their business offers and how to contact them. Vehicle wraps are like billboards; not only do they have to be appealing, but they must also be effective and require a lot of preparation to make sure they print correctly. Read more>>

Geanniffer Almera | Fashion Designer

Within the fashion design industry there are a lot of aspects that, in my opinion, people don’t know. When we buy clothing, we only look at the result, but behind that piece, there is a long process, one that starts with an idea, an investigation, a drawing, then it comes the designing part, the clothes pattern, cutting and finally the sewing (and in many cases after the sewing there are some extra steps). When we see a dress in a runway, people forget that dress has been through all these stages, and usually for big brands, there is a whole big team taking care of every step, it’s a hard effort. Read more>>

Ashley’s Excape | Artists

Being an artist is a 24/7 job. You can’t just pick and choose when you want to be artist. There’s always someone out there grinding, trying to outwork you. Once you left off the gas, the person that didn’t didn’t stop will take the lead. Read more>>