Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Luccia Lowenthal | Photographer

I would say – it’s the before and after. What many people don’t realize from the outside looking in, is that in order to capture that one perfect image that the client wants, there is a lot of preparation that happens before you even pick up the camera, and after you put the camera down. The before, for me, is a process of conceptualizing the mood or the feeling I want to convey based on what my client wants; or, if it’s a passion project, the image I want to produce. With a client, I meet with them, we talk, and I do my best to get a feel for what they want; after that is when my creative mind can take over. The process isn’t only intuitive, although that is the most fun part, where I can let my mind wander, but, there is a lot of research that goes into it as well. Read more>>

Diana Dobin | CEO, Chief Sustainability Officer & Change Management Leader

People really get connected to places and hotels when they travel – especially if they stay for longer than a few days or return back for multiple visits. The design and curation of the fabrics and textiles in small boutique properties and the largest resorts create an emotional response to the spaces for which they have been selected. Most hotel guests are unaware of the care, complexity and effort to develop and supply fabrics that change the way a hotel guest feels. Behind the scenes – for many months – and sometimes years – designers and brands collaborate together with makers like my team to vision and create the spaces that become a “home away from home” while traveling. The Valley Forge team focuses on making an impact within our community. Read more>>

Steve Sarsfield | Marketing Video Producer

A proper, goal oriented video that produces results requires preproduction! South Florida Video Productions specializes in creating effective marketing videos, and the first step is to establish a strong concept, and often requires a professional script and storyboard before pressing the record button. Preproduction is the most important phase of a successful video project. Our first step is to meet with clients, either virtually or in person, to establish the needs and goals for each video project, and also discuss what they want the viewer to do after watching by creating an effective CTA, or call to action. Clear communication from the start ensures our video projects are always on time, on budget and on point! Read more>>

Natalia Levey | Chef & Restaurateur

Most of us are used to grabbing a bite to eat, or going out for a special occasion, not giving a second thought to how many micro decisions go into making every meal experience come together. It’s not on our radar – we just want to enjoy the food and service. The fact is that profit margins at the restaurants are around 8-10%, and keep getting smaller because of all the extra added expenses (from approximately paying 30% to delivery companies, extra sanitizing and personal protection equipment, rising food costs due to supply chain interruptions). Read more>>