Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Dafnie Prophete | Femme Fashion

The ways in which Minoix Limited helps the community and the world is by spreading: Love and Light through Fashion and Youth Advocacy. Minoix Limited brand was created with these pillars in mind hoping that everyone who comes in contact with us can feel Love and Light, either through a memorable customer experience, the selection of a coveted item from our brand, or the confidence they feel when they receive one of our pieces. Furthermore, a cause we hold dear to our hearts and are committed to is Youth Advocacy: helping children in our communities grow and develop into healthy individuals: socially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Read more>>

Larissa Castelluber | Rebel Bar Owner

We’ll wine makes the world a happier place. Sharing wine knowledge one sip at time. Rebel Wine Bar besides our mission of making wine more approachable, is to involve the local community. This bar serves as a platform for arts, culture and giving back. Read more>>

Marina Staver | Private chef

Hi, my name is Marina Staver. I’m from Minsk, Belarus. My husband and I won a green card in the lottery and moved to Miami in March 2021. I’m a Private Chef with 15+ years’ experience working for the families of Belarusian Forbes. In Miami, I provide a personal chef service. My mission is to help people become successful through their food culture. This means not only to feed people, but also to teach them to enjoy delicious dishes. I want people to eat tasty and beautiful food, not fast food! When I working with my clients, I help them make a choice more in favor of a healthy menu. Read more>>