Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is is? What is success?

Melissa Amengual | Wedding and Portrait Photographer

For me, my job has a greater value than just offering an experience, a product. For me, the reward of looking at people while they see they’re pictures, the thought of a family coming together in the future to look at their memories through my work, remembering loved ones that are no longer with us through an image. Tears, smiles, sighs, memories. These are the true signs I long for with my job, this is for me the definition of success. Successfully giving people something to share, to remember, to have forever in their homes. Memories are intangible and my job is to give people something tangible as a keepsake of these moments. This is success for me, this is my passion. Read more>>

Jillian Hornik | Certified Gemologist & Jeweler

Success has a different meaning to every person. My interpretation is that of a well-balanced life in which nothing is a constant struggle. When successful, there is enough financially to get comfortably by without worry, yet we are not overworked and have free time. This also includes physical and mental health, a strong support system via family and friends, and an outlet for creativity and learning. My outlets are nature, SCUBA diving, and dancing. Read more>>

Anouck Jourdaa | Painter, Teacher & Surfer

Success is finding joy not only in the achievement of a goal but also in the journey to reach it. Success is being content with your existence and still pursuing your dreams and personal growth. Success is knowing when a fight is worth fighting and accepting when you have outgrown a battle. Finally, success is being as happy about your own victories as you are about others’.. Read more>>

Sarah & Judah Drummond

Consistent progress, reaching more and more people, touching more and more lives. Balancing all aspects of life in harmony, having them all work hand in hand. Flowing with the Essence of Life in its fullness with vision audacity and humility. Being committed to results and experiencing those results. Read more>>

Melinda Bernstein | Freelance Rabbi

When my experience is orientated towards the good, I feel this defines success. The road to success is to keep taking courageous steps, no matter how hard it seems. I’ve encountered plenty of pitfalls and failures that have humbled me. Experience has enabled me to naturally develop sensitivity, which is a good quality to have in my field. It ‘s also very rewarding and beautiful to live in the realm of being that is orientated towards the good. Read more>>