The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Becca Pace | Movement Specialist

When I lived in NYC, it was pretty much work, work, work…with very little “life”. I was burnt out most days and all I really wanted was couch time with a mindless show to tune out to. Now that I work for myself, and live in a place that feels like vacation every day, the life part of that balancing act has totally leveled out! I now make self-care and rest a priority – a non-negotiable. Because I get great sleep and am not running myself completely into the ground, I have so much more energy to give back to my clients, students, and most importantly, to me! Read more>>

Pablo Ferlazzo | Collector, seller and buyer of collectable watches, watch investment advisor

I use to trained every day before start with my own company, i have a more “organized” life, when start growing the company i didnt have the time or the focus to keep training so i just put all the time and effort into the company, with travels, meetings and everything that a personal company means, with the pandemic, and the time i have again i started training like use to do, and realize that really help my balance i think is neccesary to have time to make things that make you feel good, doesnt matter how much work you have to do, you need to work in you if you dont find the balance everyday between work, training, family and friends, will be very difficult to keep going Read more>>

Walter Nowak | Painter and illustrator

For many years I worked part time at an art store. When I wasn’t working, I was constantly creating. I am an illustrator and painter and use Posca Paint Pens as my primary medium on canvas, found wood, and surfboards. While building my collection of works, I also participate at local art shows in the Stuart and Jupiter area. In addition to this, I started teaching small groups of people how to paint with Posca in my unique style and subject matter. Today, I work full time at a really cool local screen printing company. Now that most of my days are busy with this, I have had to learn how to utilize my time effectively so I can continue painting, exhibiting at shows, and teaching my Posca classes – something that I am working towards growing this year. Read more>>