The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Salome Garcia | Climate and Energy Policy Manager

During the first part of my career, all I wanted to do was work. I loved staying busy and thought I needed to dedicate over 60 or 80 hours a week in order to help my community or make the biggest difference I could on a campaign. Read more>>

Katrina Fraga | Mom & Creator

A work life balance is what I struggle with the most. The funny part is that my life is what most influences my work with Mom of 2 Without a Clue. The blog/podcast is a passion project and sometimes it gets pushed to the side because of real life responsibilities like motherhood and “real” work. Read more>>

Kamble | Artist

Through time my balance changed. I balance school with music and for the most part I make sure to handle it well. After school I record until i’m not in the mood to record and on weekends is when i’ll get the promotion side and media runs finished due to school being in the way temporarily. I do have a habit of getting music done first before I even look at homework but for the most part I try to balance. Read more>>

Vivían Guadamuz | Brow Specialist & Nail Technician

It definitely has changed over time, especially now that I have a daughter. Whereas before it was just my husband and I. My time was very flexible, and I would take on clients whenever I had a chance. I was able to be very accommodating with my time. Now it’s much more strict, not as flexible , and there are days and times dedicated solely for work and others for my home. Read more>>

Paulina Ornelas de Alba | Industrial Designer – Owner / Conceptual Boutique

In the wave of life, the balance depends of our passion and energy that;s why I really believe that we need to go in our inner mind and run, stop, relax and move forward again, cycle by cycle. It does not mean that you completely stop anything it means that you mind and body rest for while. My life change completely when I started my own business, I become a more productive and happy woman, have time to do that I want to do. Read more>>