The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Damon Sharpe | Award Winning Producer, Songwriter and DJ

Early in my career I was an absolute workaholic. I would travel to amazing places and never leave the studio to explore. Now I make time to experience new things and truly enjoy the fact that I get to travel the world to do what I love. Read more>>

Steven Rodriguez | Support Services at Miami International Airport and Affiliate at Twitch

Since the pandemic started, I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been putting work first above all. With so many layoffs happening, along with being an essential worker, I want to make sure that status doesn’t change. Read more>>

Ney “Green” Azevedo | Entrepreneur & Professor

I confess that in the past I had a lot of difficulty in balancing professional life, with moments of too much stress. But, in recent years, I have worked to change this reality and I have now managed to reach the level that I would like to balance work life. Read more>>

Katrina Margell-Fleisher | Marketing & Media Expert

My work life balance has recently endured a massive curveball by way of motherhood. It has been a challenge juggling my business, my husband’s business, our tw0-year-old boy, household duties, errands, and meals, not to mention having to navigate all of these things during a pandemic. Read more>>

Melissa Wilson | Curator of Cheese and Charcuterie Boards & Small Business Owner

Work life balance is an area that has evolved over time at different stages in my life. I have worked since I was very young, putting myself through college while working full time. I knew no other way and always had a determination to succeed. Read more>>

Bobbie Van der Vlugt | designer/creator/owner of Musa Jewelry

I grew up with a very strong work ethic. My father took no holidays and worked three jobs when I was a child. When I was ten he finally opened his own jewelry store in Miami much like the one he had left behind in Cuba. Read more>>

Karina Castrillo | Writer

I think maintaining a work/life balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle. We center our lives around work, and particularly in the U.S. we have less holidays and vacation days than other workers around the world. I think it’s important to realize rest is just as important a priority as working. Read more>>