We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Charli Nikia | Investor and Short Term Rental Coach

Risk is the cost of opportunity! I’m a firm believer in no risk no reward . Me taking a risk to leave my career in law enforcement has allowed me to be a 7 Figure Entrepreneur. In order for me to even get the opportunity to have this blessing I had to take the risk . Against all odds , calculate my probability of winning and make it happen. I don’t have not 1 regret from taking a risk and betting on myself Read more>>

Kim Lara | Performer, Producer, Writer, Multi-Hyphenate Creative

Being the daughter of immigrants, I understood at a very young age that to survive is to risk and to risk is to live. You never know the result of the risk, but to you can never say you didn’t try. My whole life I have taken risks, from choosing theatre school over a business degree, leaving Miami and moving to New York City two weeks after high school alone, to taking a pause on my masters degree to dive into producing, etc. Read more>>

Luis De Sousa | Photographer & Videographer

Everything in my career is based on risk, From the willing to learn and connect with people, to monetize, everything has been a risk. When you believe in yourself, in your art and your project, you have to take the risk of putting the work into it, you never know if something is going to work or not, just work hard, be consistent, be patient and that hard work will pay off Read more>>