We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Giordan Rubio | French Contemporary Artist

For me, risk is an interesting notion because it is the product between an event and a stake whose finality is likely to have important consequences. I feel that this notion is thus a source of power, uncertain will and self-confidence. On the subject of risk in contemporary art, we find it constantly in the career of an artist: from the moment he or she begins his or her artistic studies to the last exhibition. On a more personal note, since I was five years old, I was determined to become a doctor. Read more>>

Juan Manuel Barrero | Cofounder & CEO at CFOstartup

Risk is the price of change. One cannot expect to change the world if they are not willing to risk failure. In my experience, the biggest challenge in taking them is not the risk itself, but it’s calculation. Entrepreneurs tend to overestimate their strengths and undermine their weaknesses. That is, in part, why there are so many startup failures. The most common character flaw in an entrepreneur is overconfidence. This is not necessarily a bad thing, Read more>>

Takiel Stroman | Photographer

I feel risk taking is essential in any business. To even start a business is taking a risk. All of my business ventures have been from taking risk. For instance, I was saving money and only had $200 and took the risk and brought my first camera. Which opened the door to Key Photography. Read more>>

Sam Kwalwasser | Mycologist

My view on this topic might sound contrarian, but taking big risks is not something I take much pride in, nor think is necessary to become an entrepreneur or business owner. I prefer to minimize risks, and have incorporated that philosophy into the structure of my company. Read more>>

Lusheen Loggins | Licensed Esthetician & CEO

I view risks as opportunities to say I’ve tried everything I’ve wanted to do at least once to see if I’d like it. I am a firm believer in not knocking something until you try it. You will never know if something is a passion or hidden talent if you never tried. You can’t live your life based on others’ views and opinions on things because it may not have been for them, but it may be just right for you. Read more>>

Anesha Daniel | Mother, CEO & Healer

I am open to taking risk. Initially I was afraid of losing an investment, however, I believe risk teaches us valuable lessons in life. To me it doesn’t matter if we lose or gain from the risk because there will always be something you can take away from the lesson. Risk also provides the opportunity to grow and try again. When investing in your future you will take risks That’s one of first steps. Read more>>

Julian Duque | Digital Music Expert & Human

Risk is probably one of the most important factors not only in business buy in life. Being able to take risks depends on many factors but the sooner you take risks the most risk averse you will become. It is not easy to take risks, but as you take more risks, you learn to follow your instinct and trust the universe. For me, taking risks have played an important role for where I am right now. First, I took the risk to get into debt to come to the United States and follow my dream of getting a master’s degree in Music Business from New York University, Read more>>

Shevvy Malibu | Serial Entrpreneur

Wow, I love this question! Personally, I think risk is an essential ingredient if you plan to live a life that leaves a mark. Everything that’s worth a lot, risks a lot. Whether that be money, security, time, approival from your loved ones… to live an exceptional life, you have to risk comfort. Read more>>