Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Mary Welke | Artist

My mother, my protector, died suddenly as I was just going into my sixteenth year. This and other family dynamics changed my life forever, which resulted in me renting my first apartment by the time I was eighteen years old. I worked part time, bought a used car, and enrolled myself in school. At my age, it was scary and a risk. I later received study scholarships which allowed me to take my first trip to Communist Poland. It was with extremely limited Polish language skills, no travel experience, and no real knowledge about where I was going except that it was part of my family heritage that I managed to gather the courage to make this leap into the unknown. I felt confident this trip was going to be the only way I would ever get to travel. I had to trust that the American government knew what they were doing to allow me to study abroad under a hostile regime. I was terrified and it was a risk. Read more>>

Heather Alford | Balloon Artist

I wouldn’t consider myself a huge risk taker, although, I did take a pretty big one with Flourish. I had an idea, saw the opportunity and ran with it. I have had other ideas in the past that I never acted on and watched the opportunity pass me by. This time, the risk I took changed my life and gave me a career. Read more>>

Hennessy Williams | Standup Comedian

Risks are a necessary step in the evaluation of your commitment to something. Often times we being a journey with the thought of risks as it relates to failures, we overlook its convenience as a barometer of fortitude. Standup comedy is by its very nature a risky endeavor. What if your joke falls flat? What if you alienate your audience. What if those cocktails you pounded before getting on stage catch up with you? All risks we take and must take every day. Read more>>

Sunshiiine | Recording Artist, Host & Event Curator

Risk’s is the number one contributor to my business growth. Stepping out on a limb and going against the grain put my music and other businesses far beyond where id imagine I would have been a year ago. I had to make the hard choice to put some of my responsibilities on others, break covid regulations, move to a new city and invest everything I had in hopes of breaking even. We can risk our dreams by going with the norm or risk societal acceptance by going for our dreams. Either way risks are involved. The real question is what are you willing to risk?. Read more>>

Julio Toledo | Music Producer/DJ

Risk is a big factor for me. I calculate the risk vs reward. Analyze the pros and cons and try to make the best call. Without trying new things or breaking out of ones comfort zone, it’s near impossible to make any progress in my opinion. If it doesn’t pan out in your favor, well now you know that route doesn’t work for you and try a new approach. It’s a repetitive process until something clicks for you. Read more>>

Mildred Petit | Social Worker & Event Decorator

Often times, social media contributes to the unrealistic expectation of how entrepreneurship or building a career works, and this can cause us to fall into the trap of comparing our journey to others. That being said, taking risks has played a huge role in my life. When I was in school I took the risk pursuing a career that requires a lot of time and a lot of heart. Although I knew it would not be a lucrative career, I did know that it would a fulfilling one. By taking risks and continuing to dream, I have been able to live a life way beyond what I could have ever imagined. Because I have been willing to take the risk of investing in myself, this has given me the opportunity to build a small business from the ground up. During this process, I have learned that it is important to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the space to take the risks. Read more>>

Jacob Cage | Artist

Risk is often associated with fear and the unknown- two things that are essential for growth in any aspect of life. As an artist the combination of these elements have thrusted my creative pursuits beyond what I ever thought possible and pushed my art to places I never imagined going. Early in my career the fear of a painting not amounting to a “finished” piece held me stagnate. I was attempting the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different result- the definition of insanity. I had to free myself from the constraints I placed upon my practice, which for me was the greatest risk of all. It was also the most rewarding. Apply to every opportunity. Work feverishly. Trust the process. Invest in yourself. Not all risks yield positive results, but the accumulation of many move you forward. Read more>>

Ceion | Artist

Taking risks are one of the most important things to do. Getting out of what you know and are comfortable with to explore and find new potential opportunities can unlock a different world, and can teach you so many lessons that propel you forward. Since I’ve started this journey as an artist taking risks is something I’ve always done. And in doing that I’ve found myself in some compromising situations but it only made me better. More understanding more okay with falling and getting up with a new mindset and drive to go and take and conquer the next challenge. Read more>>

Amber R. Donley, Esq. | Attorney at Law

In my opinion, risks really boil down to making decisions and comparing the pros and cons along the way. When I reflect on my life, I can definitely see how the decisions I made throughout my life came with great risk. After graduating from high school, I made a decision to leave my hometown of Miami, FL to attend Bethune-Cookman University. I am a first generation college graduate, so for me that was a huge risk. I did not know what to expect in college and I relocated to a place where I had no friends or family. To be honest, I really did not consider whether I could truly afford the expense of college. I just knew if I wanted different results in my life, I needed to do something different. In my mind, the unknown was better than staying at home and working. Fast forward several years, I quit a job working as a teacher to relocate my family to Jacksonville, FL to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. That came with great risks. My family went from two incomes to one, and I had a daughter to take care as well. Read more>>

Jennifer Veilleux | Geographer, Photographer, Artist

Risk is one of the biggest ingredients in my life’s journey, along with faith, opportunity, vision, and persistence. Risk taking is introducing the possibility of failure. I am not shy about failure. With failure come good lessons that help me to improve whatever I am doing, lessons that help me learn and gain a deeper understanding of myself and my place in this great universe. The risks I have taken have led me to live in 7 countries and travel the world. This experience has filled my senses and gotten behind my eyes to translate through my hands into what I create. The risks I have taken have given me a wonderful diverse set of tools that I employ to achieve my creative vision in my professional career and personal goals. The risks I have taken have sometimes led me to dark places, the dark places necessary to contrast the even recognizing the light. Risk has been and is necessary for me to push past what I believe I can accomplish to knowing what that unknown space smells, feels, tastes of, and whether I even want to pursue my creative vision in one direction over another. Read more>>

Barbara and Sandra Stella | Barbara Stella, Chief Art Conservator & President. Sandra Stella, Executive Manager

I believe in life we need to have the courage to take risks in order to advance both on a personal level and in our career. I had my own business for 20 years in Ferrara, Italy, when I decided to leave the Country and move to Canada for two years, and then to the USA, where I have been since. My art conservation business in Italy was very successful. I was well established and performed conservation treatments for the minister of cultural heritage, as well as public and private institutions that included museums, churches and private collections. I even taught classes at the graduate level in art for the Ministry of Education, and more. Yet, since the Italian economy wasn’t doing very well and having had my first-born son, I decided to take the risk to leave everything behind and start from zero in a new Country. I didn’t even speak a word of English when I left Italy! All my friends and colleagues kept questioning my choice, they couldn’t understand why I would take such a risk when I was so successful, some friends even criticized me. Read more>>

Cesare Salerno | Dreamer, Cinematographer, Husband & Father

Risk is a must to be successful in life, as humans we have an innate feeling to take risks. As we develop and learn, the big difference is how you approach the risk and how well prepared you are to take it, being afraid is part of the challenge. Clear goals and confidence in yourself are the key components to accomplishing what is essential in life for you and the people you love. Life has different phases; I had to a risk in each of them and learn from my mistakes to be better. For example, in my career I like to take risks. When I decided to move to the USA, I found myself in a new country, with new friends, a different language, and a new job to grow professionally. I had fear, but it paid off. I love what I do as a Cinematographer, Business Owner, Friend, Son, Husband, and Father of two amazing kids and one more coming. The love for my wife and children is the perfect complement to enjoy my successes. Read more>>

Beat Thief inc | Producer / DJ / Composer / Engineer

Without taking risks, you will never know the boundaries of your own strengths and limitations. They are one of the most important aspects of growth and development an artist can have throughout their career. You cant have an adventure without taking risks, and what good is life without adventure. Even the hardships and bad times are all part of the journey. So take a risk, fail, pick yourself up, learn, grow, and do it better. I would rather take a few scars and life lessons any day over a lifetime full of regret of things that could have been different. If I allowed my fear to over-ride my true potential, I definitely would not be where I am today. Read more>>

Ty Rachell | Producer & Creative Designer

I am thee biggest risk taker! I would like to say right from birth. Born at only a pound and a half, I risked my existence by consistently pulling the oxygen out of my nose, it must have been super uncomfortable. Today my risks are not as life threating perhaps, but definitely has propelled my life and career. In the corporate world I aligned my engineering background to accept an overseas position as a contractor for the U.S Air Force. I would call it a risk because no one in my family has ever lived in another country for business. As a creative I also risked the same lucrative corporate career to embark on my life’s passion in pursuit of the development of what is now Artist – Passion. Standing on my decisions of strategic risk taking has created a happy life for me. Read more>>

George Goodridge | Artist / Designer

I’ve been very conscious about risk taking throughout my life and career. Let’s face it, there are easier paths to follow than the arts. However, risk taking to me has always been kind of a no brainer. I’m one of those people who has never had a nine to five job and always followed my instincts adhering to what was timely and exciting. I’ve never taken on projects that were just about the money. It has always been about the lifestyle and the creative endeavors involved. Even though the risk of failure was always at the door, I’ve somehow survived and even prospered throughout life. But keep in mind, I’m always looking for the next project with no parachute. Sound scary? A bit, but it’s like anything else, eventually you get used to it. Probably the best way to understand how risk taking has helped align my life and career for my next chapter is to share some historical references and chronology of my path. Hot out of the School of Visual Arts and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago my first gig was working for a huge conglomerate pharmaceutical ad agency on New York’s 59th Street for creative season. Read more>>

Finago Baby | Rap Artist

Taking risks is a big part of life. You can’t win a game you don’t start. I actually had a problem with taking risks as a youth and I realized as I got older I was only holding myself back. You have to step out of your comfort zone. That’s where new knowledge is, that’s where opportunities are, everywhere you haven’t been already. One of the first times I took a risk was going to Atlanta to open for an artist short notice, like a couple days before short notice. Little money, no real plan, I hopped on a bus with my producer just because I got a chance. I didn’t even get to perform but I met a lot of people that ended up being very helpful to my career just because I jumped out there. Read more>>

Maria Aleandra Rodriguez | Guardian of Creatrix Consciousness

I see risk taking as living ‘on the edge of possibility’, for those of us who are embracing entrepreneurship as our chosen path, this is a given. From taking that big first leap into starting your business, to making decisions that take you beyond your comfort zone, to the willingness to adapt at every turn, understanding risks as part of the process is vital for our success. In my coaching and teaching I speak a lot about Momentum, in many instances the only way to kickstart that momentum is by taking a risk, sometimes it’s big and other times it feels small, but there’s a sense of stepping outside of what felt safe before. This is the space where the magic happens, when you’re willing to make decisions from a place of vision and risk the potential failure that might come from making a new move. Otherwise, we remain stagnant and ‘on the fence’, the magic never happens ‘on the fence’. Read more>>

Tyler Cowan-Sanges | Commercial Producer/Music Video Director

Taking risks is the only way to get ahead, in my opinion. if you not willing to do it, someone else will. Read more>>

Samantha Olson | COO, Shifter Media LLC & Deputy Editor, Shifter Mag

The thought of taking risks can be intimidating, but I feel like it’s more worth it to take a risk than be safe. As a kid, I didn’t take many risks and instead fell victim to following whatever rules were set in place. As COO of Shifter Media, LLC, Deputy Editor of Shifter Mag and a journalist navigating her career, I feel that taking risks has paid off on multiple fronts. The idea of Shifter Mag’s initiative to highlight performance artists — a series called “Shifter Fest,” which consists of video performances on our IGTV and exclusive Q&As on our website — came to me as I was watching a virtual drag show three months into quarantine. When we dropped our first issue in June 2020, I decided to contact a ton of talented performers I had in my network. Thankfully, they loved the idea and were so excited to collaborate. Thus, we kicked off the project and Shifter Fest Vol. I was born. Read more>>

Darcy Graf | Family & Couples Photographer, Martial Arts and Gym Owner

I absolutely LOVE this topic and I LOVE taking risks! To me, risk equates to growth no matter what the outcome! In both my personal and professional lives, taking those big steps towards my goals were paramount to me ultimately achieving them. I grew up as a competitive athlete in the sport of Taekwondo. It taught me A TON about risk taking. Many of us (myself included) have a fear of failure, fear that we aren’t good enough. But these fears can majorly inhibit our success because achieving big goals and being successful won’t just fall into your lap. There is a saying that if your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. I could don’t agree more. I like to dream big, shoot high and go for the lofty goals I have set. In this way, I’m constantly evolving as a person and businesswoman. I will say, however, that I don’t take on risks without proper preparation and the hard work to make it happen. I remember the first time I held a camera in my hand. I had no idea what I was doing. Read more>>

Kytana Phillips | Founder, CEO, & Visionary

I think risk is the spice of life. I can say that now, but I’ve not really thought about the things I do as being risky. I started Clifford Heart Foundation (“CHF”), at the age of 23, during a pandemic, while working, and going to school. What’s risky about that…lol. On the days when I am stressed about getting everything checked off my “list” I question my own judgment and that’s probably the only times I think about the risk of the decisions I have made. To be fair, I was raised in a family that took a large amount of risk when it came business and looking out for others. When I was a little girl, my grandfather (who is the namesake of CHF) owned an office supply & aquarium store in Belize. I remember driving around the store in my pink & white barbie jeep tyring to convince customers to spend more money on goldfish and tank accessories. Read more>>

XAVIER PRETERIT | Real Estate Investor and Trainer

In my opinion, risk is part of the business. You make money by taking risks and the bigger the risk you take, the more money you will make. I like to say that billionaires sometimes lose millions of dollars to become a billionaire, millionaires lose millions of dollars to become a millionaire and the rest of the world doesn’t want to take risks to make sure they don’t lose anything but still wants to become rich. Of course you have to take measured risks and invest in something you believe in and are trained in. Read more>>

Allie Keast | Jeweler | Metalsmith | Lapidarist

Risk has honestly played a huge role in my career. Initially when I went to Massart in Boston, my intended major was Painting & Illustration because this was all I had experience in, and I knew I wanted to do something with my creativity. I went in with zero experience in metals and it wasn’t until I saw the metals studio there that something just clicked. I remember feeling nervous to call my parents and tell them I was considering majoring in something I had no knowledge in, because I had a lot of faith in my illustration abilities, but none with metals. I ultimately decided to go for it – and had it not been for that risk, I wouldn’t have the business I have today. The summer after graduating from college, I decided to quit my day job to pursue Jewelry fulltime. Dropping large amounts of money on supplies and equipment with no guarantee things would sell was probably one of the scariest risks I’ve taken. Read more>>

Laura Cardona | Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Aromatherapist

As a mother of three young girls, I am always thinking about how my decisions are going to impact their life. Everything is a risk. Whether you are risking quality time or money or both they both can be heavy loads to balance when you are an entrepreneur and a parent. The fear of going through financial hardships during the time you are trying to make something out of yourself is very real and can be very discouraging. However, keeping your eye on the horizon and setting an example for your kids to follow is all worth it. Risk taking has played a very big role in my life and career. After nearly 15 years in corporate America, three cities, and three children later I decided to walk away and go back to school full time, live off of my savings, and pursue what had always been on my heart: massage therapy as well as an education in other holistic modalities. This was a huge risk because although I had my family’s support everything had to be very meticulously calculated since my husband was the only person generating income. In my mind the risk had to be well worth it and I had a new mission to prove it. Without risk taking there is no chance to actually become who it is you want to be. Read more>>

Alyssa Goddard | Fashion Designer

Taking risk has been an intrical part in my career, being a fashion designer in barbados creating and designing the kind of pieces I wanted to put out there was a risk, knowing that it would be dissimilar to what would be expected. Read more>>

Alina Freyre | Baker, Chef and Artist

Risk-taking is something that seems uncomfortable and scary at first, but there is no reward without risk. There are so many times that we have a great idea and we dream about it, plan it, and even celebrate the success in our minds, but without taking the risk and actually putting it into action, it’s just a dream. With my business, I finally took the risk and I am celebrating the success!. Read more>>

Yenny LeDoux Zarama | Oil Painting Artist, Mix media, Photographer & Creative Entrepreneur

I’ve always been a woman driven by challenges and challenges involve taking risks… Since I grew up in my native country Colombia, I have known the constant struggle necessary to get ahead in life and professionally. I come from a middle-class family that gave me everything I needed to graduate from high school and the strength to continue shaping my future by myself. From a young age, I knew I had to take risks. I took risks and I started studying different careers at different universities. I studied Fashion Design, Photography, Business Administration, and Computer. Then, finally, I graduated as a Publicist from a private and well-known university with a major in Web design. At the same time, I decided to study English from 6 to 8 in the morning while I was working for Philip Morris throughout the day. I worked hard to finish my career as a Publicist. I was exhausted, but I had the desire to progress, so I continued my work by day and studying at night for 6 years and managed to graduate. Read more>>

Brittney Allen | “Brittney Allen | International DJ & Music Producer”

Risk taking has played a major role in my life let alone my career. In life, my outlook was to always take risks. With this mindset, I was able to shape myself into a fearless individual who will just about bet my last on myself. I’m guessing this has made me out to have a strong belief system for myself. This trait whole risk-taking thing has enabled me to “go against the grain” many times and come out with positive results. My risks are driven behind motive in knowing that things will go the way I plan they will and will work in my favor. Nonjudgmentally, I look at it as this: risk takers are ones who aren’t afraid of the outcome knowing risk-taking can be classified as a gamble. Read more>>

Jordan Guzman | Artist & Teacher

As soon as I turned 30 I realized that if I don’t take risks in life I won’t ever create the life I know that I craved. What this has meant is leaving behind relationships and old belief systems that no longer serve me. That sounds easy enough but those decisions are hard! When you take a risk you don’t know if the outcome will come out as intended, at times you take a risks and it turns out a different way- not better or worse, just different. That’s part of the adventure of life if you choose to see it that way. We all battle our need for safety and security with our desire for newness and change. What has helped me be able to take risks is an internal belief that if I survived my last leap of faith, I will survive the next one. We are more resilient than we think. Read more>>

Paula Heaven-Swaby | Event planner & Registered Nurse

I’ve never considered myself a risk taker. Most of my life was spent making “safe” decisions that would cause the least stress and anxiety, but not necessarily true fulfillment. To be honest, starting this business wasn’t really my idea. Had it been left up to me, I probably would have analyzed my way right out of it. My daughter was in search of a store front to open her retail bakery and she found a space she fell in love with. There was an empty space adjacent to it and she suggested it would be a perfect venue for intimate events. My family had been pushing me for years to get into the business, but I kept it safe in my nursing career. I ultimately agreed and 18 months later, The Sweet Space was born. It opened in the pandemic shut down! That was not exactly the kind of risk I was planning to take. There were so many times I questioned the decision to open the space. Anxiety filled days and sleepless nights have been plentiful, but I continue to show up every day and with a ton of support and some creativity, we’ve been managing. Read more>>

Donna Ruff | Artist and Curator

I’ve always resisted complacency and have acted on opportunities that would require me to make a big change. After I started out as a young illustrator in Miami I chose to move to New York, so that I could get more interesting and well-paying assignments. At that time you had to be where the art directors were, because everything was done in person. I had no job, no clients. I took my portfolio around to ad agencies, publishers, any connection I could make, and slowly started getting work. Illustration was a great career and I was able to support my son and myself, but when he was grown I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream to make my own art, so I took another big risk. I applied to graduate school, got my MFA degree, and learned to develop my own voice in art. The most successful people I know have been resilient and willing to take risks. You have to do your research, prepare as much as possible- then go for it. You might feel like the Road Runner realizing you’ve run off the cliff, but it’s helpful to think about the worst case scenario, and what you could do to deal with it. Then you know you’re covered and you just keep on keeping on. Read more>>

Annick Henry | Marketing & PR

I have always been and still am an over thinker, which caused me to be very scary when it came to taking risk for my business. I would overthink everything and ultimately handicap myself from taking risk, and making big changes. My biggest fear has always been failure. I was scared to fail or “flop” when I would come up with unique things to do with my brand. It wasn’t until I realized the only way to fail is by not taking risk and always playing it safe. I told myself whenever I would begin overthinking or talking myself out of taking that possibly life changing risk ‘be fearless, take the risk’. Now I am willing to take any and every risk for my brand and my company, I bet on myself every time with no fear of failing because it’s no way you will fail when taking risk you’ll learn and adapt what you learned even if the outcome wasn’t what you expected. Read more>>

Ollie Sanders | DJ/Producer/Label Owner

I’ve always been a risk taker. I became the youngest nightclub owner in the UK at aged 25 and for a reason. I’ve always been a go getter and made things work for me. From Djing in clubs when I was 17, to working full time as well at Luton airport growing up… I bought my first house at 21 years old because I was putting the time and effort into success. Some people think it’s all just handed to you but they never see the hard work that goes into it behind the scenes. I’m always scheming planning, thinking, hustling and manifesting great things because I put in the hard work, dedication and calculated risks into what I do. This gives me the pleasure to enjoy my life. So talking about taking a risk in life?? How about moving across the other side of the world to Miami from the UK, not knowing one person and starting an entire new life, building a business from the ground up. Consistently innovating, leading & hustling in all aspects of my ideas and projects. This all stems from taking risks and a lot of those risks the majority of people are not willing to take. Read more>>

CAMP KC | Artist

Risk taking has been one of the most primary things i have established among myself during my early 20’s honestly. I want to take another step in my life and reach new heights that i didn’t think was possible and that includes risk taking. of course it isn’t comfortable at first but the more you do it the more comfortable it become and the more you want to be in the position to take more risk. Read more>>

Nat Smallish | Musician & Record Industry

I think risk taking is one of the most important things you can do in life. Personal or business. I also happen to believe that if you are inclined to taking “a risk” or risks, it may very well just be your inner-self doing what we have always been conditioned to do; Being in tune with and trusting our intuition. If we really pay attention the only thing that keeps us from taking a risk is fear. The rest of it is up to us. We have to be able to see past it. It’s obviously important and wise to measure your options and make sure any business or personal decisions you make are not careless, but for the most part I truly do believe risks are supposed to be half impulsive. If it weren’t for risk taking I wouldn’t even have the career I have. Im currently a manager at Radio-Active Records in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I have been there for 11 years now. I DJ. I’m a musician and have played in numerous bands around the world. I’ve managed bands, tour managed and even owned my own label. Read more>>

Adriana Vives | Professional Organizer

With every risk I have ever taken something amazing has come along the way. I moved to New York from Miami on my own, leaving my family, friends, and life behind without knowing a single soul. I was completely alone and as hard it was to leave everything behind, it was exactly what I needed. My inner instincts told me that there was something greater for me in New York, however moving to another state was definitely not easy. I needed a change of scenery, something new- a fresh start. Working a 9-5 job just wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t fulfilling, and with time I found something that inspired and fulfilled me. That thing was a career change. Moving on my own made me realize how much I loved organizing. I discovered that organizing was a passion of mine that was buried inside of me all along. Shortly after, I turned my passion for organizing into a career and Vibrant Nest was found. Opening up a business is never easy. Read more>>

Lexy Reed | Equestrian

I’m a huge believer in taking risks. Working with live animals that are 10 times your size is a risk every day. As it pertains to business you always hear people saying the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. I’m not totally on board with that. I think you need to start out by taking calculated risks based on your financial situation. I’m my scenario I wouldn’t spend every dollar I had on one horse if I then wouldn’t be able to spend the time and money to properly care and campaign it. I would look to maybe buy half of that horse with a partner so we both can gain from the success which is exactly how Keri Kampsen, my business partner, and I came together. At the end of the day though the biggest risk is never taking one at all. Read more>>

Sunny Ferguson | Multicultural Skincare Specialist

I am all for taking risks. Honestly, without taking the risks I have taken, I would not be where I am today. My first career risk occurred when I decided to quit my job and move back home in 2014 to pursue a full-time career in the beauty industry. I had to rely on my parents financially, which was very difficult because I was on my own since I was 19. But they were so supportive in my decision to start over and change careers. I gave up so much to attend cosmetology school while working, and things hit rock bottom before the successes came. I lost my car, I couldn’t do all the fun things my friends were doing at the time, and I almost got to the point where I wanted to give up. Read more>>

Michele Cruz | Chef & Small Business Owner

Taking risks is a bit against our human nature. So taking risks in any sense of the word will always carry a sense of hesitancy and worry, but it is the ones that take those risks that succeed and thrive. I grew up in a family of Doctors, Lawyers, and Journalists. So naturally I was raised to be a Doctor, Lawyer or Journalist. After graduating High School in 2014, I went to College for Communications and Emerging Media with a Minor in Political Science. During my freshman year of college I knew that this was not the career that I wanted to graduate from. After my freshman year I took a major risk by dropping out of college and telling my parents that I want to be a Chef. The only family members that supported this decision was my father and brother. No one else in my family believed that this decision was realistic and that I would not succeed in such a labor intensive industry. In 2015 I moved to Philadelphia for a fresh start and to search for my true self. Read more>>

Yvette Medina | CEO of Creative Management Firm (Artist Management)

I firmly believe that risk taking is what has made me who I am today. There are so many things that can cross your mind and lead you to doubt yourself but if you don’t try you’ll never know and if it doesn’t work out its an opportunity to learn and grow. Ive never regretted any of my decisions and I’ve been fortunate that each risk I’ve taken has lead me to another great opportunity. whether it was moving across country, leaving a great job to another or even starting my own company they were all decisions that were the next logical step for me. I think the feeling of “what if” is worse than actually taking that risk and if I got to bet on anything, it’s myself. Somehow it will always work out. Read more>>