We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Elisabeth Halfpapp | Co Owner CoreBarreFit, Barre and Yoga Teacher/Teacher Trainer

Our business model changed at the onset of the Pandemic in April, 2020. As classroom teachers in the fitness arena for 40 years, when gyms and studios shut down, the livestream barre class option became mainstream. Our pivot to interactive, on line fitness classes enabled us to birth our business, CoreBarreFit. We have been providing a sense of “normalcy” during a stressful time of uncertainty to our global community. Read more>>

Carolyn Presnell | Program Director/ Formerly Incarcerated

Weld Seattle programs are peer led, created by and for the populations it serves. For people reentering the community from incarceration, addiction and homelessness, Weld Seattle replaces barriers with opportunities, empowering our members to write their own stories of successful reintegration. Our program areas are: Read more>>

Barbara Sales | Beachwear Curator

I want to bring out confidence in all women no matter their shape and curves. We’re all beautiful and need to celebrate our bodies. Our bodies are sexy. They bring life, in more ways than one. They are also super alluring! We can, and SHOULD, flaunt that. Read more>>

Michele Mower | Owner/Operator

I’ve always had the goal of starting my own business. But the time never seemed right. When I finally took the plunge, I did it with intention and purpose. Two of my main goals were, to be ecofriendly, and to give back to the community as much as possible. To tackle the first goal, I set out to source only biodegradable containers and utensils. All of our containers and utensils are made from plant fiber. Next a big part of my business model is fundraising and donations. Which can look like, school fundraisers, fundraisers for 501c3’s and even helping get exposure for nonprofits that need the help. Read more>>


As a mental health professional, I noticed that the individuals how sick therapy are treated, most of the time, from only one perspective according to the presenting problem. For example, if the individual suffers from anxiety, the therapist will only treat the anxiety symptoms and not pay attention to factor that contribute to the development of the symptoms. Read more>>

Anya Schwab | Co-Founder

My non profit, Sam Risso Foundation was founded with the intentions to help the overlooked and under served population in our community. Our mission is to provide resources, guidance, and support to individuals struggling with addiction, homelessness, and mental health illnesses. Read more>>