We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

William Atkinson | Artist

Art and beauty make the world a better place. It allows for different perspectives to be voiced and can encourage change. Read more>>

Marquita Livingston | Arthur

My business impacts the world by healing oneself and others, one writing at a time. By putting words on paper (“letting it all out,” I like to say), you can reflect on the things that make you happy and hurt you the most. Read more>>

Jaime & Star Triana | JaiStar Studios

We moved from California to South Florida in 2012 and opened our healing arts center, JaiStar Studios. One of the things that brought us to Florida was the lack of ecstatic dance, which we had been pioneering since 2004. Read more>>

Elena Stele | Retail Owner

Too often we forget to connect with people and nature around us, as well as with our inner self. We forget to look around for solutions to our problems and we forgot to look at things we already have from a creative perspective. Read more>>

Fernando Andrade | Entrepreneur & Investor : CKO Kickboxing

We offer cardio Kickboxing Classes for all fitness levels. We experiencing high levels of stress and increase obesity in our society. More people are getting sick from things they can control; poor nutrition and sedentary life style. Read more>>

Jeannie Schmidle | Nature Teacher

I am a Nature Teacher. I take great pride in providing an avenue for students of all ages to explore the outdoor world, and discover the endless possibilities nature has to offer. My nature classes are messy, unpredictable, spontaneous, and filled with created juices. Read more>>

Phillip Wells | Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Life Coach

Anxiety is a feeling that most people run away from because they’ve been taught that you can’t feel FEAR! Just like you, I believed this message for most of my life and as a result, it consumed me! Whenever I would feel anxious, I would avoid it and as a result, I avoided many opportunities as well. Read more>>