We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Angeline Celestin known as YoniGateKeeper” | Yoni Steam Facilitator / Peri-Steam Hydro Therapist & Herbalist”

I see PowerVsteam Yoni Spa is a beautiful impact to the community, by being of service to women reproductive wellness; starting from the age of 13 and up. My job is to serve women into choosing and connecting them into the many alternatives of well-being that life has to offer. Thru my practices as a PeriSteam-HydroTherapist (Yoni Steam Facilitator) women are easily able to explore the portal of their womb space with the assistance of herbal properties. With this benefit women are able to feel more grounded & connected to self while also addressing any root problems they may have been caring around knowingly & unknowingly. Read more>>

Cristina Miranda Gilson | Chairman and President of the HDS Foundation

Over the last decade, the HDS Foundation has provided direct Grant Opportunities to fund candidate Programs that meet the organization’s program criteria. Once a Grant has been awarded, the HDS Foundation Program Managers begin working directly with the high school administration, teachers, ESE facilitators, paraprofessionals, post-secondary institutions, professors, students, and parents participating in the Grant Program. Read more>>

John Everyman | Podcast Host of the Everyman Podcast Show

My podcast I believe has helped in the sense of giving the local underground scene for entertainers and other local professionals alike a chance to share their journeys with their respective careers. It allows an opportunity for someone who may have a similar interest to be inspired perhaps and find some insights that will help them achieve success in a simialr area. Also the podcast makes for some great entertainment to escape from the mundane. Read more>>

Maggie & Whitney Merkiel & Andrews | Yoga Instructors & Retreat Hosts

We both became interested in yoga because of how it helped us heal in different ways. To us it’s more than a physical practice and that is what inspired us to to share it with others. Mental health awareness is on the rise and we’re all beginning to learn the importance of “unplugging” from our devices and distractions in the same regard. Our retreats hold space for our guests to do just that. They’re able to not only escape their busy lives for a few days but also to really disconnect in nature. We set out with the intention of sharing this practice and reminding people of the connection they’ve had with nature all along. Read more>>