We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Renata Esmeralda Munoz | Luxury Real Estate Agent

Taking risks is the foundation for all opportunities that could lead to success and sometimes failure. Taking a leap of faith and diving into the deep end proves that you have the willingness to learn and the courage to face defeat. In 2015 I pursued a degree in Interior Design, thinking that it was exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately it ended up not being enough for what i wanted for myself at that time. So I ventured into the business side of my life and took a risk by helping open up, and design a boxing studio in the Hamptons. After opening up the gym, I had realized that it was not my dream that i was pursuing. Read more>>

Renee Konoski | Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Nutrition Specialist/ Author & Illustrator/ Entrepreneur

I believe that risks are an essential part of ones life journey. Honestly,risk taking has provided me with the opportunity to dive deeper into my purpose and has served as a foundation for continuous growth. Read more>>

Graylyn Swilley-Woods | Graylyn Swilley Woods – Social and Business Creator

Risk taking is part of my requirement to keep not only my careers exciting but life itself. I believe calculated risks can take you to the next level. I recall starting my first business venture I had no plan just experience with my product. I left a secure job and learned how to get better at what I wanted to achieve. That experience placed me in touch with new capabilities and talents I had to cultivate to live a quality life. Now I use those insights in my present position to look ahead and take more calculated risk. Read more>>

Caroline McGinley | Owner & Baker of Gringuita Cookies

Before ever having the capacity to envision myself as an entrepreneur, I was what you may refer to as a “risk” taker. It’s ironic though, because I’ve never felt like I’ve taken a risk in my life. If you look up this overused term, risk is defined as “a situation involving exposure to danger.” Yet, when I was 21 years old and got on a plane heading towards Santiago de Compostela, a city I had never been to, to work as an intern in a hotel I had never previously heard of, in Spain, by myself and with only the money I had saved from working as a hostess, I did not feel as if I were putting myself in a perilous situation. In fact, my heart beat with excitement and my skin tingled with an auspicious energy. That is what I call being alive. Read more>>

Alberto Rodriguez | From office to free roaming.

Taking a risk was the foundation to where I am currently at in life. A risk is a challenge, a chance to test yourself, and once tested, you bring in so much growth. I left my 9 to 5 job as an IT Tech on my 28th Birthday in November 2018. One of the biggest risks I can take being a single father. I had no choice but to continue with the routine and schedule I was in or gather the few starting clients I’ve made in my photography business and take the leap. Read more>>

Katherine Marie | Self-taught Baker

Risk has been a pretty big factor in my career lately. I can admit that being a self-taught baker has had its difficult moments. I can get inquiries for themes I have never done before or flavors I’ve never experimented with. Now some may freak out (which I do) because it’s an unknown territory but I don’t mind the challenge. You often hear “with great risk often comes great reward” and I agree with this 100%. It’s true sometimes I don’t always get it right the first try or even the second, but without taking the risk how will I ever learn. Read more>>

Carolina & Ruben Hernandez | Owners of SWR Farmers Market

I thought I will never know in deep what is like to feel at risk or in fear for a decision, we can personally say we have never experienced risk the way we did when we adventure ourselves to take over a business so suddenly. We never thought in a million years that we will have the opportunity to own a business and that 2021 was going to be the year to conquer the fear of owning something that for us was so big and risky. Risk has take the major role in our career because it was really the step we needed to take to make a jump to get out of our comfort zone and to adventure into something completely new; we will definitely say taking the RISK and leaving the fear behind has been the best decision we have ever made. Read more>>

Hanna Gotz | Bridal and Fashion Designer

I used to be conservative about taking risks. Always calculated. There had to be a thought-out plan before ever taking the jump. In recent years, I’ve realized that taking risks means you are capturing life by the reins and steering, with everything you have, in the direction you dream of. Starting my own small business was a risk, yes, but it was nothing compared to the everyday challenges that you come across as an entrepreneur and a creative. I firmly believe that the only way to grow is by finding ways to push your own boundaries and to do this, you have to have faith in yourself. In retrospect, the times I have been more cautious have not been successful, while the times I have taken risks have always been for the best. Read more>>

Vanessa Arango | Founder and designer

Ana and I are both risk takers, and I am no sure if that is the way we were wired but more so the way life pushed us to be. We are both Latinas and growing up both of our mothers were single mothers, they took the chance of coming to the US to provide us with a better future. We have both been taking risks for a long time, trusting the process and having faith that even in the darkest of times there is always a light. When creating Things by Amelie, we took our savings and embarked on this new adventure without much of a thought but just the sole desire to be able to have our own business and and the opportunity to bring a bit of our Colombian culture and art to the States. Read more>>

Ashley Bacon | Party planners

We opened our party planning business in November 2019. As we all know it was in the middle of a Pandemic! SE Florida was ramping up for the third COVID challenge and we persevered by putting our faith in GOD to help us grow and we are very excited to announce that this November, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary! Due to our constant dedication and team work ,we have flourished into a profitable business in 2021 and are looking forward to an even better 2022. We are proud that we were invited by 2 two radio live stream stations for an interview about our growing company and all of the unique presentations / gorgeous balloon decor that they were seeing all over social media! It is also an honor to have Shout Out Miami wanting to interview us as well! We feel so blessed and grateful for the constant referral business we continue to receive from family and friends! Read more>>

Kristin Riddle | Founder of Check the Vibes, LLC.

Risk is necessary in order to learn and grow. Without risk, I wouldn’t be a business owner, I wouldn’t have been flown to Thailand to work on an international campaign, and I wouldn’t be creating a course for small businesses to learn how to incorporate a more inclusive social media presence (and actually mean it). Embracing the unknown unlocks a side of you that can reach higher heights, allowing you to achieve things you felt weren’t possible. If you have a vision, even if it’s still coming to focus, document your ideas and take the first step in making your vision come to life. Is it a risk? Maybe. But, you won’t know if it’ll be worth it if you don’t try. Read more>>

Courtney Hill | Blogger

I think taking risks are a part of life and more importantly growth. In order to grow we have to spread our wings and move out of our comfort zones. A huge risk that I recently took was relocating in the middle of a global pandemic. I literally packed my car and drove 1000 miles to my new home here in South Florida. Was it scary? yes, but it’ has been an amazing experience and has opened doors for me in ways that I could not have imagined. I believe that it’s important to bet on yourself and go after the things that you want. You‘’ll never know unless you try. I’d rather at least make an attempt and fail rather than to have never tried at all. Read more>>

Saari Cohen | Entrepreneur & Broker/Owner of Lifestyle Homes Realty

First I like to analyze the risk and ask questions like, what could be the possible results of this risk? Will taking this risk push me to get one step further towards what I have envisioned for myself and/or for the future of my business? I also like to think about the benefits of taking the risk. Will taking this risk set me on the path I want to be on? Does this risk makes sense financially and/or emotionally? Taking risks plays a big part in my life and my career. With risk-taking comes progress, growth, development, expansion, creativity, opportunities, and valuable lessons. Read more>>

Christine Meyer | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Risk taking is what got me here at all! That and following my instincts. The thing about that “inner voice” is that it always guides you to the right path for you – it’s just a matter of learning to listen to it. I am so thankful that I learned to listen to my “inner voice” at the right time. I am so incredibly blessed to have a life and career where I not only get to do what I love, but get to support and help others along the way. Read more>>

Casey Kelly | Digital Creator & Photographer

My everyday life and career both consists of taking risks, almost all the time. I think that risks are big factors in life and it’s your choice at that moment, if you take them or not. There has been only a few moments in my career where I said no. There is this feeling of regret that you can’t describe when missing an opportunity that was given to you. I had a long burn out this past year, it lasted around a month. I felt that my heart was not in my business, I did not want to take any risks and I did not want anyone to judge my career. I needed that burn out to make me realize that I was the only one who could take the risks for me, that no one else was going to do it and my business will not grow on it’s own. Read more>>

J.P. Kauer | USPS Letter Carrier and Comedian

In the business that I’m in there is tremendous risk as a comedian. Especially in this environment of jokes being taken seriously and not understanding ones perspective Read more>>

Damarys | Luxury Swimsuit Designer

Taking risks is what started my swimsuit line! My sister said “Hey if I’m going to keep altering and snipping these already paid for pieces for you, you might as well start from scratch! Why don’t you do it yourself?”. With little to no influence or social media following, I decided, this is what I’m going to invest my money and my being into! Read more>>

PAJAMA JOSH | Singer/Songwriter

When I was growing up, my mother shared with me the expression, “God doesn’t help a parked car.” This expression resonated with me when I was younger and has stuck with me ever since. It instilled in me the power of taking risks, and to follow my heart, even if that means jumping into something head first, sometimes without a parachute. There are a lot of variables you can’t control in life, so believing in yourself while taking risks has always been key. You never know how something will turn out until you put yourself out there! Read more>>

Jhenelle Hill | Beauty & E-commerce

Risk taking has defined my career in Beauty from it’s inception. I Entered the the industry as a Makeup artist, not necessarily a traditional secure career compared to being a doctor, lawyer, nurse etc. It takes bravery to walk the road less traveled, and even more courage to create your own lane in this economy. Especially when you are surrounded by nay sayers, critics & people who do not believe in you. Read more>>

Shawna B | Founder of Smokke Show & Registered Nurse

Starting a business was the riskiest thing that I have ever done, financially. Taking these type of major risks can be life changing, for better or for worse. However, life is all about taking risks. I’ve always played on the riskier side of life and I do believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today if I was too scared to jump into risky situations. Of course, I always do my research and outweigh the pros and cons but you can just never predict how these things will work out. Some people may view failed risks as a fail but it never truly is. Sometimes, it’s these failures that can provide the greatest business lessons that an entrepreneur can learn. Being risky is all about growth and encouraging innovation within ourselves and/or our businesses. What if I fall? Oh, but darling, what if you fly? Read more>>

Teika Samuda | Principal Consultant at Being Jamaican Tour Company.

Taking risks is a necessary part of life. Sometimes you are afforded the opportunity to research and take calculated risks, other times you take action based on a gut feeling. In both instances though, the outcome for me can only be progress. Either I succeed and progress further on my journey of achieving or I learn a new lesson, whether personal or professional which I still deem as progress. Remaining stagnant scares me. Not growing, not learning, not evolving, is what I believe causes the demise of the human spirit. Read more>>

Alberta Genero | fitness coach

I’ve always looked at risks as a great opportunity. Yes, I can’t deny that taking these risks has scared me in life. One of the scariest I took was just two months ago when I left my country, Italy, to move permanently to Miami. I left my family, friends, my career at my gym and all my long term clients behind, basically I got out of my comfort zone to jump in to a totally new life. New country, new city, new habits, new culture, new foods, new everything! All this has given me new energy, every day I’m discovering something new and it’s challenging, even if sometimes it’s hard to integrate myself with it all that but I’m putting forth all my effort to make things work. Read more>>