We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Brandon T. Adams | Brandon T. Adams I TV Producer & Investor

I’ve been taking Risks, or what others view as Risk my entire life. Anytime I take on an endeavor, I don’t really see a Risk because I know that no matter the outcome, I can find a way to turn it into a Success. Where there are obstacles there are opportunities and I’ve learned to turn those opportunities in my life into successes. Some of my biggest temporary defeats that cost me a lot of time, money, and energy eventually led to some of my richest experiences. There is always a lesson to learn from any situation and its what you do with it that matters. Read more>>

Crystal Geffrard | Skin Care Brand Owner & Graphic Designer

I think of risks as opportunities. You can either take the risk and see what comes out of it or you can overthink the risk and think about the what-ifs and not take any action. I take risks because I always ask myself “What’s the worst that I can happen?” I could get denied, I could get rejected, the product doesn’t work, no one is going to buy the product or I could get approved, I could get accepted, my products work and everyone loves them. If you don’t take risks you never unlock your full potential. You don’t get to see what obstacles you’re able to face. Read more>>

Eliana Jaimes | Digital Content Creator

Omg this is everything to me, I grew up being very shy so the older I got the more I realized taking risks is very important in life. If you don’t take risks you’ll miss out in opportunities and life is too short for that. Read more>>

Lady Ashley Thornton | Spiritual Influencer,Motivational Speaker & Author

Risk taking! Whew! I am definitely a risk taker. I see and think of risk taking as stepping out on faith/ taking a leap of faith! You can’t see what’s going to happen and you really don’t know the outcome. But, you trust that it’s possible and how would you know unless you take the risk? Risk taking or as I call it stepping out on faith has played a major role in where I am today. All of who I am and what I have accomplished all started from taking the necessary risk ” taking the leap of faith”. It has opened doors and opportunities for me that only God could present. I was blessed to launch my website, published my first book in 2018 and just released my second book October 2021! Read more>>

G Coppa | Rapper (Musical Artist)

G Coppa, Rapper from Hollywood FL In my eyes, life is all about taking risks. If you don’t take the risk that nobody else is trying to take, you will probably never see the reward. Risk taking is the key to success for me because I always wanted to be different & always stood out in a crowd because of it. Since i started making music about 2 months, i’m noticed a lotta growth witchin myself (which also signified a risk). If i wouldn’t have decided to step in the stu, I don’t think i would have grown as quickly & quietly as i did. Read more>>

Fahan Sky McDonagh | Conceptual Artist working with Glass

Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better. In graduate school, I read this quote by Samuel Beckett and took it to heart.
I love to experiment. I have even invented some new glass processes.
I would consider myself a risk taker in my studio practice. It’s a calculated risk because there are so many variables in glass making. I have become comfortable with not having the answer and letting the magic or failure happen. When a project goes wrong, I adjust based on what I have learned and then take another risk. I cannot go with the flow and also control the outcome completely. The more I fail, the better I am at problem solving and ultimately attaining the desired goal. Making a decision in advance of a new experience, in life or career, is at best an educated risk. Read more>>