Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Amelia De Vita | Radio Host

Risk innately has a negative connotation but really, it should be seen as a positive thing. Whether you take a risk and succeed or fail, it means you have learnt and grown from an experience or a choice, which, in my opinion, is far better than playing it safe and staying the same. One of the best things I ever did in my life was to take a risk and move to the United States from Australia. Australia was and always has been my home since I was born and I have a very tight-knit family. Read more>>

Sergio Troconis | Entrepreneur

Risk to me is everything. Its how my career started. Starting out my first business 5 years ago as a trader (requires lots of risk every day) really set the tone for how I see risk. Even today, owning a marketing agency, Ecom business and now an investment club. Risk is almost a daily habit for me. I don’t see risk the same as I did 5 years ago though. Simply put, risk is stepping into an unknown situation and figuring out a way to win. Those are the things that make a difference. Staying in a known / comfortable zone will only give you the same results. No growth or expansion. Read more>>

Amanda Hanono | Author & Business Manager

I think calculated risk is the secret sauce for success. In my creative and even corporate endeavors, risk helped me make huge strides. Taking calculated risks in corporate roles meant jumping into new industries, taking new challenges head on, and learning new skills that fall outside of my typical wheel-house of expertise. I’ve done it many times. These risks helped me grow, landed me bigger roles and new titles, as well as, added way more skills to my arsenal. I would say it was worth it every time. Read more>>

Raissa Marconi | Fashion Designer

We’re Pitaia Rio, a brazilian brand that is committed to transform the fashion industry in Brazil. Our goal is to deliver a unique product with avant-garde sustainable and raw material. We’ve been introducing sustainable technology solution to swimwear since 2019. Changing the status quo can sometimes be risky, but that doesn’t scare us off. In fact, our company was founded right before the Covid-19 pademic, which brought a role new level of challenge to us: everyone was afraid to travel or go to the beach and shop beachwear goods was no longer a priority. Read more>>

Gernyd Gonzalez | Biology major, DJ

Risks can help you to discover new things about yourself and new interests as well. I think that as social beings we have to put ourselves in risky situations in order to develop and grow more in an introspective way. Of course, you have to choose wisely the risk you are going to take because every action has consequences. In my personal life risks take the role of evolution, challenge, and change. In my career I would say that if I did not took the risks I would not be able to be doing this. Read more>>

Irina Budylina Jacobs | Business consultant & Classical Pilates Instructor

I think about risk as an opportunity to materialize your dreams, a chance to grow, to expand your consciousness. One of my favorite quotes states “Life begins outside of comfort zone”. And it has been my life’s ‘motto’ since my early years as a student at the University. Stepping out of comfort zone requires taking risks. You need to have an open mind, prepare to work hard and to remain positive during this process. Read more>>

Dillon Landon | Photographer & Photoshop Artist

Taking risks is always super important. I believe if you’re comfortable, and never step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never really go anywhere. I moved to a city I was unfamiliar with, away from family and friends for more opportunity, and I’ve learned and grown from it. Read more>>

Iker Echeverría | Founder of VUHL Automotive and VUHL Design

The success of VUHL as a Project is largely due to the quantity and magnitude of the risks I took. Designing the first Mexican car in history, doing it during the automotive crisis and being just 23 years old are many risks altogether that definitely also needed an important component of naiveness! Betting on an ultralight supercar, without a roof, doors and windshield was a risky bet on the product per se, which ended up giving it its own character and a car-motorcycle identity that is highly addictive for motorsport enthusiasts. Read more>>

Isabel Custer | Filmmaker, Author and Songwriter.

In our society, I think that there’s a gender split in terms of the education of boys and girls regarding risk-taking. Boys and men are encouraged to take risks, to go all in, to work hard, play hard and even to be unafraid of loss. Whereas girls and women are encouraged to rise in their careers but not at the cost of their livelihoods or families. Women are supposed to be steadfast and reasonable – the rock within a family – and those that takes risks and fail are publicly shamed. Read more>>

Kristen Threatt | Co Owner of Eat Up Catering & Co Owner of Gorilla Lemonade

Risk is very important! Playing it safe is not exciting at all lol! Risk allowed me to start my business and not worry about the current setback of taking a pay cut but thinking about the future. Once you understand that everything we do in life is a risk you understand life! The risk that I have taken has created a foundation that I couldn’t see when I took it initially but it is all paying off for sure. Read more>>

Anastasiia Supruniuk | Dj & Music Producer

Well I think I’m not a risky person. But if you’ll look at my life you’ll definitely say I am. That is also what I’ve realized looking back at my life myself. I’m definitely a person everything or nothing. I don’t want just a half of some things. I want the whole thing not a small piece to make myself satisfied for a short time. So in this case I’m open for risks. For example my life completely changed upside down when I moved alone to Unites States knowing nobody here and having zero help. So I guess it’s kinda a big risk to take but it was also a big opportunity. So I just went with it. Read more>>

Glory Laurent | Makeup Artist & Boutique Owner

I’m my opinion risk builds courage, strength and confidence .I’d like to think that taking risk is one of the best things to do for your business whether the outcome is what you expected or not. Taking risk has given me the opportunity to create change in both my personal and professional life it has also made me develop a sense of quick thinking & resilience. Read more>>

Guillermo Ramirez | Creative Director

I think that the word risk has generally had a negative connotation, right? In my opinion, it is not. Risk strengthens you a lot if you are aware of the consequences and the dimension of the risk. Since you learn from the good and the bad, risk is part of success, as well as failure. Read more>>

Danielle Anyasodor- Lafontant | Candle Maker & Loan Signing Agent

Some may see taking a risk as a danger at times however, I always think of risks as taking a chance. I have always been a firm believer that what’s for me is for me and if it doesn’t work out at least I learned a lesson. Taking risks has allowed me not only to learn many things but I took a risk/chance when I decided to start my business. That chance has allowed me to meet incredible like-minded entrepreneurs. A risk I would definitely take again. Read more>>