Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Rachel Harrypersad | Virtual Assistant & Blogger

I think that it’s always worth it to take risks. I wouldn’t say to always dive head first into the riskiest things possible, but someone once told me there’s no reward without risk. It puts you outside of your comfort zone, and I truly believe that you can do great things when you think outside of the box. Read more>>

Ms. Chin C.H | | Founder & Operator of ChinTsunamiCare

I think of risk as an investment that can either result in a profit or a teachable loss. Within my life/career , taking risks have always helped my growth & better my understanding of the scenario at hand. Overtime I have learned not every risk should be taken if the chance at profit or reward stands to be low however, every risk should be atleast evaluated no matter what. Read more>>

Lina Cristancho | Co-Founder, Creative Director

Risk has been essential to opening our showroom/flagship store. Opening this showroom was actually a quarantine project for my husband Louis and I. Last august, not only were we in the midst of a global pandemic, but being in NYC, We were working everyday through the protests and watching the brick and mortar stores around us get destroyed. There were so many reasons we could’ve given ourselves to take a step back and put our dreams on hold, but we knew the reward would only come if we took these risks. Read more>>

Beth Richards | Founder and CEO of Beth Richards

I think taking risks are most necessary – there is risk in never taking any at all. It’s always better to try and fail then to never try something new at all. There is power in knowing what you like and don’t like as well what works and doesn’t. Read more>>

Avalon McLeod | Founder and President

Being of a true entrepreneurial spirit i dont consider risks a risk. I consider it Labor pains. As in the words of Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump Labor is like a box of chocolate., you never know what you are going to get and this is what excites me. You dont know the result of your hard labor but you can determine the outcome based on how smart you work and how much you believe in what you do and having a crystal clear plan as to how you are going to achieve your goals. The word risk scares away alot of people and this is what seperates extraordinary from the mediocre. Its either you look at the glass half empty and say its too risky or you look at the glass half full and say the more riskier it is the more rewarding. This is the attitude that brought me where i am today. Always positive, always enduring and always embracing the labor pains as a sweet reward. Read more>>

Mariolga “Mo” Calderon | Founder & Chief Creative Baker

Claudia La Bianca | Multimedia artist: Muralist, Sculptor, Fashion Designer and Filmmaker,

I love risk taking!! My whole life and career is based on it. You need to get uncomfortable if u want change and I always want to grow and evolve as a human and as an artist. Don`t get me wrong I got my fears, but an order to overcome them u need to go trough it. I see it like this: I’m jumping off a plane without parachute knowing i will grow wings to fly…. its about taking risk while having total trust in yourself and faith in the process of making any dreams a reality! Read more>>

Farah Carpel | Makeup Artist

I think of risk as tapping into the “unknown.” I think about how my makeup business came alive is by me taking the risk by putting myself out there and seeing where it goes. I didn’t even know I had this gift in me, until I was being approached by different women complimenting my makeup. Then the approaches became different to “can you do my makeup?” I started taking lessons from YouTube and working on my family, friends and coworkers. Little by little I noticed I was getting better and I started building up my confidence. Read more>>

Gabrielle C. Abraham | Geospatial Scientist & Youtuber

Taking risks and believing in yourself is so important in life! I’ve taken so many risks that have led me to incredible places. I took a risk and traveled across the world by myself and do my Master’s in New Zealand and what an amazing, culturally rich experience! I took a risk and posted my first video to youtube last year during quarantine and look at me now! Almost 2k subscribers in, working with brands and making an impact on people’s lives. I meet young women who tell me I inspire them and it honestly warms my heart! Inspiring people to be unapologetically themselves! Read more>>

Katelyn Fay | Visual Artist, Fashion Designer, Musician

Last year I was let go of my full time graphic design job, working for a company remotely based out of New York and I had just moved from Florida to Denver at the time with my boyfriend and had rent and bills to pay. I was scrambling to figure out what to do. I had already started to design clothing for myself years before but that was when I decided to take it seriously and give it a chance. I knew I could go get another job working for someone else, fulfilling their vision, making not very much money, or I could invest in my own future and business doing what I love using the experiences I had learned working for other people’s businesses. Read more>>

Aleksejs Leal | Ecommerce Expert

Taking risk is one of the main components in order to succeed in business, but always calculated risk. Let me explain … in business you will have opportunities presented to you but not all of them are suited to you business at the moment. You need to understand if something goes wrong on taking that risk , can your business survive ? If answer is yes then you can take that risk if answer is no then DONT do it. Read more>>

Laura Hernandez

The fact of life is that those who have the courage of taking risks will either enjoy their success or will fail miserably while trying. In my mind, the only route to success is by embracing risks, enduring huge sacrifices and paving the way through uncharted territory. Read more>>

Anthony Smith | Brand Strategist, Designer, Label Designer & Artist

Potential = possibility. Possibility = opportunity. Opportunity = risk + reward. Taking opportunities to maximize potential means taking on risk, and the opportunity’s reward is most times—if not always—proportionate to the risk. With that understanding, I am able to move through life unbothered by the possibility of risk, as it is always expected. Read more>>

Margo Nelson | Midwife and Midwifery Educator

What a big question! Risk has a central spot in my life as a midwife and midwifery educator at the Indie Birth Midwifery School. Pregnancy and birth carry inherent risk, and our culture struggles with this reality, and tries to hide it away. We are generally very risk averse. Even though the science has shown clearly that home birth and low intervention birth has the same, if not better, outcomes, the general belief is that the MORE intervention and technology, the safer the birth. So risk is a big part of what I do. Read more>>

Lorena Sauer | Interior Designer

I think about risk as new opportunities and beginnings. I have moved many times, left my country (Argentina) with a law degree and a huge passion for art and design. When in NY I decided to pursue my passion leaving my career behind and went for my Interior Design Degree. After 13 years, I moved to Chile (lived there for 6 years) and two years ago moved to Miami. My risk taker personality has helped me adapt and reinvent myself to new places and clienteles. I am open minded about change and I am always ready to act. The uncertainty about the outcome doesn’t scare me, it challenges me. Read more>>