Legend holds that Cornelius Vanderbilt had built a massive fortune in the steamboat shipping industry, but then realized the railroads were the way of the future and invested almost his entire net worth into railroads. The gamble paid off and made Vanderbilt one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs ever. But risks are inherently…risky. How do you think about risk and how has it affected your life and career? Some of our community favorites share their perspective below.

Jared Winslow | Artist

So far in my life, I’ve had a pretty strong relationship with risk taking. I like to think every big decision I’ve made since college has had an element of jumping into risk and the unknown, and hoping for the best. Some working out, some not, and one unexpectedly leading me to find my love for photography. Read more>>

Jose Domenech | Strommar CRO & co-founder. Music producer and composer

In my career, taking risks has been something constant and essential. There is always one step further, and if your heart tells you that you have to take it, the risk is something that is associated with it and you carry it with you. In fact, I see it as much more risky not to act and launch yourself when you feel you have to, because that means that fear or effort wins over your desire to grow and advance. Read more>>

Angelica Claudio | QHHT Practitioner, Manifesting Coach, and Reiki Master

In my opinion and personal experience, risk is what allows us to grow. Risk is where the lessons are found and where we can meet expansion. If there were no risk, life would be monotonous. My career development has always been about taking risks. The first one I recall was starting my first business in 2015. Read more>>

Andrea Lopez-McNenney | Photographer

Life is short—yet many of us spend time wondering what we should do with our lives, rather than actually going out there and trying. As hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” It’s important to actually strike out and follow your heart—even if the odds do not seem to be in your favor. That’s the beauty of life. We never know what can happen unless we take a chance. Taking risks to requires you to face any fears of uncertainty. Regardless of the outcome. Risk-taking has allowed me to grow because I know what things work and don’t work for me. Read more>>

Alexandra Paz | Medspa Owner, Investor, NP Cosmetic Injector

An entrepreneur by definition puts everything they have at risk in order to be successful in what they do. Without risk, there is no reward. Taking risks in your life is an important factor for achieving your goals/dreams. Read more>>

Anna Cummiskey | Creative Director & Brand Strategist

I grew up in Lancaster, NY a town right outside of Buffalo. Buffalo is filled with so many amazing hardworking people who dedicate their lives to their small businesses and careers. I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I grew up, my parents taught me the value of hard-work at a young age and I will always be thankful for the way they raised me. Read more>>

Guilherme de Macedo | General Manager, Educator

For me there is a correlation between planning and execution. The more you plan, less hard it will be the execution phase. However if you plan less, the time for execution tends to be higher and harder. Planning ahead allows you to mitigate some risks related to your business/life. Unfortunately you cannot avoid all risks, some will be indifferent from your actions. Read more>>

Matthew Smith | Accountant

Risk is needed to obtain growth. I risked investing in something that is proven (stocks, crypto) compared to an indea/vision that I had for my lifestyle brand (Boatin bros) Read more>>

Ariel Baron-Robbins | Artist & Arts Professional

Risk just means being able to fail. When I was a teacher, I often told my students to create stuff that could potentially fail and fail epically. One needs the ability to tolerate bad results and then try again in a new way. This is the scientific method; ask a question, hypothesize, test, evaluate results and do it again. Read more>>

KT Merry | Luxury Destination Wedding & Editorial Photographer

I think that risk is the backbone of growth. That at each turn we must be willing to step outside of our comfort zone, to challenge ourselves to be beginners (again!) and try new things, overcome new challenges and continue to level up. While it’s tempting to relax into our expertise and sit comfortably from our place of knowing, it’s daring to step out into the unknown, staying curious, always learning and continue to ask how we can evolve and become better that truly fulfills us and always us the opportunity to reach out true potential. Read more>>

Dreanna Caley | Graphic Designer & Canva Instructor

I look at taking risk as in having “Crazy Faith” , I think every business owner should take risk in their business and in life. Taking a risk in 2019 was the best thing ever. That risk allowed me able to start a business , invest into a MacBook, purchase courses and so much more. Read more>>

Diocelina Najar | Makeup Artist & Skin Care Specialist

Well let’s see, I don’t. Meaning I feel the word risk can often times scare people into not doing what they are meant to do and sometimes I even change the word. Instead of taking a risk I choose to see it as betting on myself, and have faith. That’s the word I choose to use. Be assertive not only in the things that I’ve learned both career and personal but most important my experience. Taking a leap of faith and betting on myself is how I got here. Decided one day to pack all of my things leave my home start from zero and do just that. Bet on myself! Read more>>

Julien Simoni | Pianist, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur

I work and think both as a musician and a real estate investor. I was of course kind of scared before jumping into those two fields, but experience told me that risks are sometimes not where you expect them to be. Indeed most of the time staying still is way riskier than taking a so-called “alternative path”. Read more>>

Angelica Pascoe | Global Real Estate Advisor

I think risk taking is important Most people at 22 years old tend to avoid risks and those who are brave enough to take risks already have a competitive advantage. I’ve always found a worthwhile opportunity that no one else has jumped on and reaped the benefits. Keeping my competitors in mind also helped me understand the potential return knowing whether it’s a worthwhile risk or not. Read more>>