We asked rising stars from the community to tell us about a book they’ve read and the impact it had on them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Anika Steppe | Artist

I just recently finished reading Alison Bechdel’s new book “The Secret to Superhuman Strength.” I have been feeling a bit distant from my art practice this year and have found myself learning how to play tennis, so I was excited to hear about her new book which follows her lifelong relationship with exercise.  Read more>>

Asmae Fahmy | Journalist

“The Opposite of Loneliness” by Marina Keegan. I’ve ordered this book (a collection of poems, poems, and short stories) on four different occasions, and it’s had the most meaningful impact on my life. I read it in college but I didn’t take it with me to my first post-grad internship in New York. I later bought it again from a street vendor in Times Square and re-read it on a nearby bench. Read more>>

Jose Mizrahi | Actor, Model, Fitness, Marketing

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey It’s been an adventure reading this one. I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot. For this book I did something differently, I got the hard cover book and also the audio book which is narrated by McConaughey himself. Therefore, I’ve been following the reading while listening to Matthew McConaughey tell his story in his own words and tone. Read more>>