We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Cesar Fernandez | Director of Public Affairs, Pacaso

Across the world, millions of second homes stay empty for most of the year. By facilitating the co-ownership of second homes for up to 8 families, Pacaso is better utilizing housing stock and making second home ownership possible and enjoyable for more people. We are so excited to offer several amazing Pacasos in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Keys, as well as in more than 30 top second home destinations. Read more>>

Sue Klahne | Ocean Inspired Artist

I am a huge advocate for mental health & addiction and aim to break the stigma associated with both. I often donate my time & talent to organizations associated with mental health as well as frequently donating a portion of my art sales to local and national mental health organizations. Read more>>

Lindsay Zukerberg | Eco-Preneur & Intersectional Environmentalist

Social justice is one of the main reasons we started Zuke’s in the first place. Unfortunately, the “zero waste community” used to be seen as a space only for wealthy white people to show off their expensive, reusable products while excluding the BIPOC who have actually been taking care of this planet since our existence. At Zuke’s we actively reject the notion that you need to have money or high social status to care about the planet. We also reject the idea that started the movement itself- having to fit all of your trash for the year into one jar. Read more>>

Courtney Williams | Certified Credit Consultant

I am the owner of Universal Success Consulting LLC, which is a credit repair company. We specialize in personal credit, business credit & financial education. Universal Success Consulting helps our community by not only giving people a second chance at financial freedom but also educating them on how to grown and strengthen their finances. This in turn allows regular consumer to be able to leverage their finances and stimulate our economy as a whole. Read more>>

Rosie Jensing | Wonder in your Woman expert & Women’s Empowerment Coach

I genuinely believe that so many Women out there (and some men too) go through this world struggling to recognize and/or own the Wonder in themselves that allows them to live their best lives. This Wonder is deeply rooted in an individuals ability to embrace their hardships and vulnerability and use that as a means of strength to propel them into a life of purpose, passion and success. Read more>>

Alessandra Brochu | Founder & CEO | Self Sacred


Genna Rubolino | Florida Virtual Notary, LLC, Owner

I started my business right before the March 2020 shut down because I saw a need for a more convenient option for individuals who need documents notarized. Once the shutdown happened, the demand became so great for individuals who not only wanted convenience but needed a covid-free way to get documents notarized from physically anywhere in the world. When the shut down was declared, some individuals were stuck overseas and still required notarization. I am a grateful that I was able to not just help my community locally but beyond. Read more>>

Hunter Smith | Model & author

Being visually impaired has made me doubt myself many times during my life. There were moments I was so frustrated being me because of the limitations my eyesight presented. After working with department of blind services they taught me that there never has to be limitations when you’re passionate about something. That’s why I became an author because there is a stigma around disabilities and I knew I couldn’t give up since there is a lot of disabled children out there who need to see themselves represented and with my platform I want to help contribute to that change ! Read more>>

Sony Laventure | Haitian Konpa Dance Instructor and Choreographer

As creatives or entrepreneurs, we find it fulfilling to know that we can play role in solving world problems or changing the way the world thinks through our God-given talents. But the truth of our journey is revealed through trials. It’s time to give up when you are no longer able to bare the cons, the bad feedback, and the daily routines that come with doing what you do. Read more>>

Marcus Kain | Disordered Eating Informed Nutrition Coach and Trainer

Some people might say it’s all about whether you really love something or not, though we know love isn’t the only ingredient we need, right? The business has to work. For myself, these are the questions I ask myself when deciding about the future of a business: Do you enjoy the majority of the day to day tasks involved in what you’re doing? This is important to ask because torturing ourselves every day in the name of a result that exists somewhere in the vague future isn’t a good sign. If you don’t enjoy what it takes to get there, you probably won’t enjoy what it takes to stay there. Though if you can happily do most of the work involved in building your vision, you’re in a good place! Read more>>

Tomislav-Jeffrey Jemric | Photographer

Sometimes life can be hard, you will think that all your dreams won’t come true, but if you have the slightest feeling that you’re going to succeed, you have to hold on to it and build on top of it. If you feel that you’re on the right path, you are. For me, it is exciting to see what the future holds for me. The easiest thing to do is give up, go back to your day-to-day job, and dream again… Read more>>

Tanja Rose Toerk | STYLE ENTHUSIASTIC | Communication Specialist

For me there are two mottos that I stick to after years of experience. The following applies either: 1. You want it too bad, you screw it up. Wishful ideas and overconfidence come to fruition, that leads to failure. 2. If there are too many obstacles, it’s just not my path. On some of my journeys I’ve made the experience that the most seemingly obvious road is the one to take. If I take a closer look at some of the bigger obstacles, they may function as roadsigns. Read more>>

Ashley Prophete | Realtor

Giving up is not an option for me, as I am very passionate about my career. I know what I am capable of and I know to keep going to get to where I need to be. Being in the real estate industry, has taught me many things about not only myself, but also some more knowledge about real estate as well. I will keep going until I reach that milestone that I am comfortable with. Read more>>

Mary Runno | Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Some people would consider us weak for admitting that we have ever thought of giving up. The truth is, we didn’t just think about it, we almost DID and not just once. Starting a business is not for the weak of heart. There are great days where you achieved so much success that you wish the days would never end. Then there are days that are so horrible that you pack up to go home and realize that it’s only 9 AM and you have to keep going because you’re open for business. If Steve and I did not have each other and we each had to run this business alone, I think we both would have quit by now, but we are each other’s battery packs. When one falls, the other is there to pick them up. We are partners in business and in life, and we support each other. Read more>>