We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Danielle Logan | wardrobe stylist. visual merchandiser, & momma.

staying true to myself is key. Staying true to my values, my intention, and objectives, and never losing sight of what matters to me the most. My family & my brand! Read more>>

Julio Diaz | CEO, Father & Husband

The most important factor behind my success is the constancy, I am a person hard worker everything I do I do with passion since day one I started my own business I thought it was my an adventure that I made take some risk but I knew me and my partner that think same as me, we could do it, we could work hard and be constancy in what we love and we will get good results. Here we are after almost 4 years doing great growing on the Ecommerce industry. Read more>>

Enrique Villacreses | Dancer, Choreographer and Filmmaker

Success is very different for many people, it has distinctive intensions and interpretations, depending to the such said goal. Personally, I don’t believe I have achieved success yet, and even if I did, I rather not know that I have. Because if I did know, it will place me in a place of comfort and when that happens, I would be unwilling to take risks to continue honing and evolving in my creative line of work. Read more>>

Yasunary Bueno Oliver Aguilar. | Bussiness Development

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important factor for us, many of the things that we recover have a sentimental value that is more important than what it costs Read more>>

Annette Malkin | Founder of Culturewise Collective

Experience. I have been in the public relations industry for almost twenty years and so has the majority of the Culturewise Collective team. Our team is comprised of senior level PR professionals who actually work on the clients’ business day-to day. Clients don’t experience a “bait and switch” to entry-level peersonce the work begins. Read more>>

Eddie Seymour and Edgar Gonzalez | Principals at Flux Architects

Perseverance, Discipline & Relationships Perseverance because building a company brand from scratch takes an enormous amount of commitment, time and sacrifice, not to mention the many years it takes to create a reputable brand name that others will vouch for. For the development of a business or individual, the path forward is littered with numerous challenges that must be overcome and each small victory builds upon the last. Read more>>

Ginger Flesher-Sonnier | Owner & CEO of the Ginger Companies | ?THRoW Social® Delray Beach & Washington, DC | Kick Axe Throwing® NYC, Philly, & DC

Lateral Thinking. Running a business means being able to brand, market, understand operations (especially in the hospitality industry), plus handle all of the tax and financial aspects required of you. You will be presented constantly with problems and issues that could dismantle all your hard work. Being able to solve problems utilizing lateral thinking skills has probably been the most important factor of my success, Sometimes looking only at traditional solutions is not enough – thinking beyond what many see as the only options can take you to the next level, Read more>>