We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Victoria Joseph | TV Reporter & Podcaster

I’m a reporter. I faithfully believe in the search for truth as a tool for success. Being the voice of those who do not have it, is the greatest reward at the end of the day. Knowing that you helped someone through a report to achieve something, or not to be evicted from their home, is to know that your work was successful. Read more>>

Gabriel Urena | Content creator

Majority of habits that assisted me with most of my success is mindset and attitude. Striving to put my best foot forward through all of life’s adversity, and having the faith of God to push me thru the most challenging times. Always putting on a CAN DO attitude even when I don’t feel like it at times, creating that little habit daily has generated most of my life’s success! Read more>>

Arterria Mccutcheon | Life Coach| Entrepreneur

Balancing your personal and business life can become very tedious. However in order to keep both lifestyles in order. I had to put certain habits in place. Time blocking is on the top of my list. Sticking to the schedule is imperative for maintaining a healthy personal and business life. Making sure I have daily, weekly, and monthly goals are also priority. Challenging myself to complete my goals keeps me motivated to be a better version of me consistently. Read more>>