We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Danika Green | Photographer

Consistency was one of the vital habits that helped me with my work. I made sure photography was my first priority and to always make time for it before continuing with my other daily responsibilities. Another habit I have is to always have my camera on me where ever I am. a crucial habit I also try to maintain is constantly looking at other works from successful artists/photographers that inspire me to interpret new ideas in my projects. Read more>>

Paloma Vazquez | Data-Driven Brand Marketing Strategist

I’ve always run relatively Type A, and there are certain tendencies that naturally come with that territory that I feel anyone can apply – whether you’re a settled-from-the-womb Type A or not 🙂 So I settled on 5 practices that I feel have the most impactful for me, and that I practice daily: 1) Identify high-value actions you’ll take for your business daily or weekly – and then schedule and commit to them, no matter what. For example, scheduling 5 networking lunches or connections per week. Or Identifying 3 brands and businesses to which you could bring value, and finding your proposition to pitch them. 2) Do your research – continually (and never stop learning). Part of my job is to “see” certain shifts in consumer behavior coming, before they become mainstream. Consumer behavior never stops changing – which means that my research is never fully “done”. So I continually read, talk to my clients’ customers, monitor key platforms, invest in databases and in continuing education, and essentially never stop learning. 3) Persist. Read more>>

Antonisha Baker Esq. | Attorney and Entrepreneur

My work ethic has greatly impacted my success in all aspects of my life. I set monthly goals for myself that includes ways to help me perform more efficiently. These goals are not always quantifiable, but they are based on quality. For instance, when I speak to a colleague or a friend regarding our professions we often discuss things that we are struggling with like developing new marketing strategies, stress management, and expansion. After each conversation I find myself brainstorming ways to assist my colleague with their weakness. I take this same creative approach with my clients. I was always told I work like a well kept machine, but even the best machines wear themselves out. I had to change my work ethic to align with my intrinsic values, so organization and creativity became more essential to me than billable hours. The question I ask myself at the end of each week is not how much did I accomplish, but how do I feel about what I have accomplished? My clients and colleagues appreciate my attentiveness to them. Read more>>

John Dowd | Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist

Though I tend to go off the rails when discussing the subjects, I’ve always been good at conveying my passion for art and design. I’m a big believer that loving your craft is an incredibly gravitational force, regardless of industry. Read more>>

Cecilia “Cici” Moron | Aesthetician & Entrepreneur

I amount a great deal of my success to the habits that were bestowed upon me by my grandfather. He taught me the importance of hard work, perseverance, and time management. As an entrepreneur, time management is key when trying to run a business in today’s fast paced environment. There are many aspects to consider when starting a business like expanding your clientele though word of mouth and advertisement, maintaining a strong social media presence, and providing the best possible service to the clients. As an aesthetician I provide an array of services to empower my clients so that they leave my table feeling better then when they arrived. The service continues after they leave my table as I monitor the client’s progress by engaging with them through different mediums like instagram, as well as a direct phone line to me that is open 24/7. I have learned that creating a brand is a commitment that requires full attention and open availability because the work never stops. Read more>>

Rebecca Lago | Owner & Co-Founder – Ginger & Juice Bar

One adjective I know people use to describe me is “organized” and that is spot on. I am meticulous in everything I do. That being said I am also open-minded to pivoting and changing directions when the plan at hand is not proving successful. When my sister & I decided to open a business together one thing we knew was that our plan would be complete and well thought out. However, what we didn’t know was that 18 days after we opened our first location we would have to temporarily close our doors due to the unexpected world-wide pandemic. My habit of planning my work & working my plan helped me to open up a business just shy of 7 months after I left my 14 year career in the beer business but what really kept Ginger & Juice Bar alive was the ability to pivot when COVID-19 hit. Once Ginger & Juice Bar closed its doors it was still important to keep our mission alive and be able to continue to offer a healthy alternative to fast food even with our lights off. Read more>>