There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Alvey Thompson Jr | Author | Speaker | Podcaster | Coach | Trainer

The most important factors behind the success of me and my brand are hands down authenticity and vulnerability. What I mean by authenticity is always striving to show up as myself. I consistently lean on my values and principles which serve as my north star. The way I think, speak, and act come from a place that is true to me, not from a place of people pleasing or what I think people want me to say. Read more>>

Mikaela Henderson | Artist & Creator

The most important factor behind my personal and brand success, is belief in yourself and your ability to achieve what you set out to do. I know it sounds cheesy but it really is true. Your only true supporter is yourself and you will always have naysayers trying to bring you back down to their level. You must absolutely have the belief that you will be successful in what you want to be and do. Read more>>

Damien Jones | Massage Therapist

Honestly, I can’t pinpoint just important factor to my success. There several in which I deem very important. One key factor is my tenacity. I was and am so determined to make it I won’t let anything or anyone hold me back. My grind is another key factor. I have worked relentlessly to build my brand and my clientele. I went from not having any bookings for weeks to now being booked out weeks. Read more>>

Rick Rose | Hotelier, Local Historian and Author

I think it’s important to understand that any business is about selling a product or service which is needed in the marketplace and that selling the product/service must create a win-win situation between merchant and customer. So it’s been my philosophy to ensure that my product, whatever it may be, is right for the customer from the outset, and to not just focus on closing the deal (which puts the horse before the cart). Read more>>

Joanna Cavalcante | CEO: Sweat & Swagger Fitness, International Speaker, Direct Sales Millionaire & Dance Fitness Expert

Consistency and the willingness to fail! Most people will see someone else’s success and think: “she’s so lucky.” But – what they don’t realize is that I have done the work day in and day out. I’ve failed; but gotten right back up. I’ve been fearful; but SHOWED UP ANYWAY. Read more>>

Simone Brown | Volunteer Promoter & Philanthropist

Leaning into people who lean into me. When I started, I did so without a blue print to follow. 876 VOLUNTEER thinks outside of the conventional approach to charity, and I knew some folks would not be convinced that it would work. Read more>>

Greys Marquez | CEO Hypopressives Wellnessgrace

I think, it is a combination of factors behind Wellnessgrace´s success. Find a different way to train and improve the body and mind through Hypopressives. Discover a vital need in the market, and a customer service with quality. Also, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND social media TO REACH MORE PEOPLE AND keep real COMMUNICATION with them. THE PANDEMIC was a really important opportunity TO SHOW WHAT we do, what HYPOPRESSIVES are, to improve health and habits, and give the best service to our clients. Read more>>

Jesica Dwek | Creative Director

To be passionate, persistent and hard worker. Always eager to learn and creating new opportunities. No one will come knock on your door. To be successful you have to believe in you, in what you do and in what you are capable of doing. I love what I do and being up to new challenges. I consider myself as a “go-getter”. It’s important to DO, to be out there, to be active, ready to execute! Read more>>