There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Markiian Lukyniuk | Classical and crossover violinist, recording artist

Failure. Not being intimidated by failure helped me to cope with my ego and grow. Serving people with my craft. Mindset that helped me find meaning in what I do. Read more>>

Shakira and Robert James | Retail and Wholesale Skincare Formulators

The most important factor behind our success is discipline. Having discipline is so important when you are your own boss and you have to manage your own schedule. Discipline has taught us to be consistent and show up each day for our businesses. When you get the first taste of time-freedom as a full time entrepreneur, it is very easy to lose sight of your goal. Discipline also attracts new clientele! When potential clients see our dedication to our work every single day Monday- Sunday, they take us seriously as small business owners and are eager to go into contract with us. Read more>>

Natasha Ibarra | Head of Sunshine Beagles

The most important factor in the success of Sunshine Beagles is the overwhelming support from each and every one of our beagle parents. This community has come together countless times and in countless ways to take care of one another, offer ideas, provide resources, and to cheer each other on. Due to this outpouring of love and kindness, our community has snowballed from our humble beginnings and continues to do so. Read more>>

Noemi Aguilar-Horta | Coach, Bookkeeping & Tax Professional

The most important factor behind my success is the fact that I believe in being able to serve others first with the ability that I have. I know that what I have accomplished in life and mastered skillsets that anyone can also learn to master to turn into a business for themselves. I have a clear goal of the type of lifestyle I want to live, what I want to be doing in tmy everyday life that I thrive for that life and go after it. I dont tend to let others influence my thoughts of their own definition of success but my own definition. Read more>>

Susan Winograd | Owner/Founder of Pelvicore Rehab LLC – Pelvic Health and Wellness

PEOPLE not clients. We build therapeutic relationships and we are focused on helping our clients get back to enjoying the activities they love without pain or worry of bowel, bladder and/or sexual dysfunction. We take the time to listen to clients and get to know what is important to them, what they have become limited in doing and what they dream of getting back to. Read more>>