There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Natalia Pascual | Jeweler

To have the creative freedom to do what I want to do/create and be fully authentic. Read more>>

April Mondelli | Interior Designer & Owner

I really believe that the most important factor behind the success of my business is my ability to work well with so many different people in a mutually respectful way. I respect my clients’ ideas and opinions, realizing that my job is to create the best version of their space, even though they might not necessarily know how to express what that is. Developing relationships is so important, not only with my clients, but also with the tradesmen, subcontractors, and vendors who all contribute to the success of my designs. To be able to bring a design vision successfully to life, it takes a whole team of people to contribute to that process. I have much respect for the hard work that goes into that process. Read more>>

Ivana Cajina | Lifestyle Photographer

One of the biggest lessons I have learned from being a full-time freelance photographer – be kind to yourself and your work also make time for yourself! It is easy for us to get in our heads about our work, especially if we care deeply about it. Being kind to yourself is the one of the easiest but hardest things to do. We truly are our worst critics! Learning this while running my photography business has been key to just keep on going. No one else is going to do it for you but you, you’ll notice a difference in your work once you truly do become your own fan. Oh wow and I can’t say it enough, taking time to yourself is so vital! We can sit here and work all day and night but it does take a mental toll. So important to set time aside to just enjoy things for yourself and not make it about work. Can’t expect to put in 100% all the time if you haven’t spent time to decompress and that’s important to remember. Read more>>

Martha Tabora | Chef & Co-Founder

Well, who doesn’t love Burgers? We do! We are passionate about delivering the best product to fuel our guests, turned Vegan Junkie family. During our research and development phase, we really took the time to educate ourselves in order to create our scratch made superfood loaded patties that are the foundation to our burgers. The real secret is that they’re lovingly handmade in small batches. Our buns are artisanal handmade exclusively for Vegan Junkie from a local baker who imports their flour which is Non-GMO, the toppings are where we really got to have fun with the flavor combinations! Our burgers are meant to be enjoyed, It’s good mood food that leaves you feeling great! Our customers, new and old, understand that and have been SO supportive along our journey, so we thank our community for the amazing response and confirming we made the right choice. Read more>>

Isadore Havenick

The success of our brand and the secret to my success, is that I have surrounded myself with people who are amazing. I love taking all the credit but it’s the great ideas, the dedication, and the work ethic of the people i associate with that make this company successful. This allows us to stay constantly relevant in an ever evolving industry. Read more>>

Janel Fields | Private Chef & Owner

The most important factor behind my success of my business and my brand is by telling my story and letting my client avatar know my ‘why’. There have been times where I have gone back and forth whether or not to be vulnerable with my audience but one thing that I have learn while in business is people do not buy from people they do not know. As a business owner, you must be able to show your face, show up, tell your story, share your experiences and be relatable. Read more>>

Luis Valle | Multi Disciplinary Artist

The most important factor to my success is my consistent grind and the ability to deliver. I work real hard when I’m on a project and I make sure I’ deliver the best quality product for my client. Making sure the project is done on time and with top quality is of upmost importance. You can be the best artist in the world but if you can’t meet the deadlines than your talent is pointless. Art is a business and like any business deals are expected to be met in the agreed time. When you are able to consistently deliver you build a reputation for yourself which opens many doors for you. Read more>>