A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Jenna Balfe | Dance/Movement Therapist- Musician- Artist- Educator

I am inspired by relationships. The simple fact that I am alive at this time, with the other people that are alive in this moment is astounding to me. This is a huge source of my inspiration. Thinking of all the different people and situations I may encounter. Many of my narratives for performance are based on actual relationships I have. Often in the process of creating work- the relationships b/w performers end up finishing the stories as well. I will also mention that “Nature” often considered as other from human- is the creative force behind anything that I do. But this is simply because I perceive no difference between myself and nature. Not even when I am indoors and shielded from the sky. It is always with me. Read more>>

Jazzamoart Vazquez | Visual Artist

At first, in my childhood, I was inspired to piant by what I saw in Guanajuato, the people, the streets, the landscapes … later in Mexico City and in San Carlos Arts Academy, everything changed, the search for a deepper language of my own led me to discover jazz as my great inspiration for my art. But not only jazz, canteens, gastronomy, family, bullfighting, cigars, the pleasures of man, the great artists of the past, art are also a font of creation. That’s why my pseudonym is Jazzamoart, which in spanish means jazz, love and art. Read more>>

Ben Hillman | Co-founder & COO

People. Their stories. Their many different perspectives and approaches to building businesses. Their creativity. Their ability to create projects that ultimately require other people in order for them to flourish and develop further. I have been most fortunate to learn and experience businesses of all types, including different geographies, industries, and sizes. From seafood exporters in Latin America, to professional services in the United States, and creative solutions providers in Europe, the one common denominator, which has always served as a key source of inspiration, has been the people – that essential human component – that makes up these ventures and makes them relevant and real. Read more>>