A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Kalunda Janae | Visual Artist

I am inspired by nature and how it makes me feel. I am also inspired by color because it speaks to me; I see color first and then I get the idea on what to create. I connect so much with nature and color. Daily, I admire the beauty of the sunrises, sunsets, clouds, flowers, and the details of its beauty. Flowers are my favorite, the beauty of their makeup is captivating; so creating my own rendition of one gives me pure satisfaction. My work embodies my uniqueness and love for life. Read more>>

Sebastián Quiroga | Artist & Graphic Designer

I usually get inspired by seeing other artists working, that generates in me the deep desire to create as well. Music has accompanied and motivated me all my life. Rock, pop, jazz, Beethoven, Mozart, are some of my favorites. As a Graphic Designer, I am captivated by visual symbols, such as prehistoric cave paintings, alphabets and ideograms of ancient cultures, or the logos of international companies of our time. These symbols are so important to me that I work with them in many of my paintings. Read more>>

Christina Terron | Founder of Tutoring by Christy and Marketing Manager

I’m inspired by my family, friends, boyfriend and future family. My mom and siblings always told me I should tutor but I thought they just told me that because they’re family and I always had to help my younger siblings with their homework. One day I was talking with my friends and boyfriend and they gave me the final push I needed to go ahead and start my company. Read more>>

Franco Harris | Stand-Up Comedian

In show Business a lot of the time you have to get picked by a manager/or agent to open doors for you. Social Media got rid of most gatekeepers. I was also inspired by Russ (Atlanta, Rapper) after I moved to Chicago four years ago and was introduced to his music. His song “Do It Myself” inspired me to go after my dream of becoming a stand up comedian. It’s a combination of not waiting around to get picked and Russ. Read more>>