Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Stephen Merrill | Founder of Purpose

I was working in the corporate field for a very successful and rapidly growing company. During that time, I was promoted to become the Director of the Account Management Department. I managed an internal team of 20 team members and consulted with over 350 business owners. Our conversations were focused on the success of their social media marketing campaigns. We would discuss return on ad spend, cost per 1000 impressions, click-through rates, conversation metrics, etc. Read more>>

Luana & Thomas Simonson | Costume Designer & Stylist/ Artist & Creative Maker

The thought was to start a company where we could stay creative and inspire people to live a more eco-savvy lifestyle. Read more>>

Tori Torres | Founder @ThePoshGirlsClub @BlingMagazine

I started my first company out of necessity. I was a young single, divorced Mom of 2 boys in a terrible situation. I had to think quickly to maintain my independence and get back on my feet after an awful divorce. I knew there were things I was good at – Influence, Creativity, and I had the Hustle and drive of an army inside of me! I used MySpace initially to drive sales and bring interest to my brand. Before you know it, I was designing for the likes of Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian, DVF, Beyonce, and a whole host of celebrity clients. All from the need to recover from a bad situation and make sure that my boys had a great start to their lives! Read more>>

Jessica Martin | Owner | Mood The Agency, Co-Host | Whiskey & Water Podcast

Launching my Creative Agency, Mood, was a very natural progression of my career if you take a look at my past experiences. I have a background in marketing & PR which I was doing while building my modeling career. I was then able to transform modeling into “influencing” and was able to monetize my Instagram. From there I really developed my passion for photography and began including content creation in my pitch to brands, which garnered more interest than I could have expected. I then realized I could take this to the next level, which is how Mood was born, with my business partner, Olivia Pascale. She’s also a model, influencer, and content creator, and we co-host a podcast about female entrepreneurship together, so it was truly just a very aligned next step for the both of us. Read more>>

Ligia Trask | Realtor

I always wanted to work for myself, to have the ability to control my schedule, while taking care of my family financially but also being able to manage my household. Read more>>

Alejandro Bolívar | Logo Designer

Logoespecialista was born from a passion for good design, there are brands that were designed 60 years ago and continue to dictate the rules of modern design, and that leaves a mark that impacts popular culture, industry and people’s lives, I think that in brand design I really found an important work, with a clear purpose for the future, and I didn’t have that when I worked in advertising agencies. Read more>>

Joelle Smith | CEO & Lead Interior Designer of If Walls Could Talk, & Co-founder & Managing Director Of The Hub Coworking.

I think I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have always had a knack for identifying ways that I could solve a problem or fill a need, so starting a business was second nature to me. My first business was selling CDs to my friends in high school. I also remember starting a Mystery Shopper business that didn’t quite get off the ground in 2005. My passion, however, has always been interior design; I just did not figure out how to monetise it until a friend offered to pay me in 2007 to design her bedroom and bathroom. Read more>>

Daniel Romero | Singer

Since I was a teenager I’ve had the goal to work full time as a singer, however for some reasons I decided to study something different in the university and music became a hobby. In 2017 I posted on Facebook a video me singing and it had a good reactions from the people, so I thought that was a good idea to keep uploading videos like that on social media and in that process the dream about be a profesional singer came back and I staterd to do some stuffs in a professional level, so in 2019 I went for first time to a recording studio to do two covers and the last year (2020) when we were in quarantine I made the videos for them and on september I quite my job and I decided to release me as a full time singer and today I’m working on devepoling my musical career. Read more>>

Vanessa Reyes | Writer and Mental Health Advocate

After my divorce, I applied for so many jobs, but it was either false advertising disguised as a job listing or a call saying “I am so sorry, you were one of our top 3 candidates, but we decided to go another route.” I assume the reasons it was challenging to find work this time around is two-fold; I had been out of the work force for 10 years and as a 40-year-old, I was going against 20-something recent graduates. When I met my now ex-husband, I was a full-time news reporter in the South Florida area, but we later moved to the NYC area for his job and soon after we had a child. Read more>>

Andrea Tovar | Content Creator & Language Coach

I just wanted to help people, I struggled so much with my English when I moved to the US, I really wanted to share my knowledge and the tools I used to make my life easier, at the beginning it was not a business it was just me trying to share with everybody what I’ve learnt over the years. Read more>>

Yorka Ralwins | Artist and Gallery Owner

For the Gallery (2016- current): My thoughts were to share my own experiences and serve as a starting platform mostly to Latin American artists by introducing their work in key platforms that will help their art career. For the Boutique (2020 – current): This was a business decision after COVID-19 to generate income and keep presenting art in a useful, wearable and decorative form. Read more>>

Tessa Boyd | Licensed Esthetician & Owner

I wanted to solve a problem and need. I met a lot of people who were passionate about wanting a career change but did not have the time to do do. As I was trying to figure out how I would distinguish my newly established business (a skincare school), the idea came to me while in the shower. to start an online/hybrid skincare school. I know it was God speaking to me because I never attended a online course. Read more>>

Genesis Sensat | Makeup Expert & Lash Artist

I always felt the want to be free. I had a hard time being someone else’s shadow. In a way it felt like I wasn’t being true to myself if I had to work for someone else and not on my own dream. At first it was scary the thought of quitting a secured full time job to start my business and make ends meet but hard work and dedication really pays off like they say. One door opened 3 others and so on. I didn’t let fear be a factor. My plan was to put myself out there as much as possible. Read more>>

Errin Bell | Owner of Savagee Beauty LLC & StyleddBy.E

Honestly, I was working at a fast food joint and I no longer enjoyed working there. I was working in fast food from 2016 up to 2020. I felt as if I grew beyond the job and just was tired of working there, and I eventually developed the mindset of wanting to become my own boss. It got to the point where I was dreading coming to work daily and since I was a shift leader, my crew already knew to be on point throughout the shift so we can get in and out. Read more>>

Mavis Natasha | PBC Billionaire CEO & Fashion designer

The thought process behind starting the business, PBC Billionaire was all behind making my 6 year old son’s dream come true. My son, Randall watched kids his age on YouTube daily. He always came to me saying, “Mommy, I want to do what he’s doing because that’s cool. I want people to feel happy and look pretty.” So I encouraged him that he too can be a successful entrepreneur and I’ll make sure that he is very successful. I created the business and Randall insisted that his baby brother, Rylee also be apart of his business adventure. That’s just how sweet Randall is.! Read more>>

Tiffini Johnson | Serial Entrepreneur

I have so many people in my family who say what they wanted to do, but only a handful of them act on what they wanted. So when I decided to start my own real estate investing business. I did my research and acted. Read more>>

Bree Feibischoff | Founder & CEO

I was in advertising prior to being a business owner. I worked as a copywriter at a large agency in NYC. I was actually a copywriter for Snickers. Every day, for years, I would write about how delicious with the perfect ratio of caramel, chocolate and nougat, Snickers are. And I hate Snickers, it’s actually probably my least favorite candy. I figured, if I could write about how incredible Snickers are, why can’t I do that for an idea that I believe in. I had the advertising background, all I needed was the idea. Read more>>

Jessica & Luis Angarita | Owners

Starting a business we were passionate about was important to us. When we started Soiree Party Rental, we didn’t think we would be starting what we currently have. We figured we would get a few tables and chairs and have them for personal use, if anyone wanted to rent from us, great! If not, we had for our own events! Once we started renting them out, we started growing our inventory with linens, backdrops, different variety of chairs and tables, tableware, etc. We quickly started noticing our clients complaining about other party rentals and we took note of all those complaints and created who we are today. Soiree Party Rental is known for great quality rentals at an affordable price, friendly customer service, and timely deliveries and pickups. We take pride in knowing we provide a seamless event rental process and the outcome is a happy client! Read more>>

Ana Pacheco | Business professional and Creative Small Business Owner

Normally I was paying for things that I was able to design and make but I wasn’t confident enough to believe in my qualifications to make them possible until a friend made me think about it. Read more>>