Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.


Kennedy Meehan | Owner & Founder of The Azure Agency

Small businesses were immensely effected by COVID-19, as were recent college graduates and undergraduate students when trying to find jobs and internships in their field. When everything in society went digital, I recognized an opportunity for businesses to capitalize on social media and collaborating with influential figured in their niche. Read more>>

Hugh Harris | Tour Guide/Owner- Esk8 Tours

My idea has always been to bring something different and fun to Amelia Island. I thought bikes but you can ride bikes anywhere in the world. I thought kayaks but you can do that too. Then this light bulb went off in my head to do electric skateboards. Read more>>

Alper Ficici | Owner of Chic Towels

Finding a really good bath towel was never complicated back home in Turkey. My family has been in the organic towel business since 1931. Thanks to that, we always had really good towels at home after bath or beach. I used to believe that all towels are made equal before i came to Canada for university. How can i think otherwise, all my family members have been handlooming, organic super plush and durable bath towels for almost a century. Read more>>

Claudia Hidalgo and Mariana Muniz | Designers

We had the idea of starting this project because we love clothing and accessories a lot. But mostly, because we love to design, create, and wear unique outfits that you can not easily find or buy out of the shelves. Also, because our friends usually asked us where to buy what we wore and asked us to helped them out to get our look as well. Read more>>

Prynce Charles Kennedy | Musician, Clothing Designer

As a musician it was an easy transition into a clothing line. i always made and designed my own clothes for myself anyways. I’ve always had my own idea of how I wanted to look and that stuff wasn’t available anywhere so i had to create it. I always knew i wanted a clothing line, but i wanted to do something inspirational. Clothes that made you feel better about yourself when you wear them. Clothes that express personality and individuality all while looking dope. So I developed “Dope Life”. A line that inspires you to live every aspect of your life to the dopest level of your abilities. Eat dope food, wear dope clothes, make dope memories, enjoy dope music and never settle for anything less than dope Read more>>

Joe Smith | CEO of OUT OF MANY, Marketer & Entrepreneur

To be honest, my brand “OUT OF MANY” came to me. I’d always wanted to start a brand. I’d brainstormed endlessly; hours, days, weeks, months, years…. I made a list of ideas that I thought would do well, but I could never decide on a name. One day, when I was about to just give up, the name popped into my head. I’m not sure why, but I went with it. I printed two sample T-shirts, and wore them in public. I got great feedback, and decided to go for it. Read more>>

Michael Rojas | Coffee Roaster entrepreneur

I am Costa Rican and we produce and drink coffee in daily basis. When I moved to Miami started buying coffee from the supermarket and none of them I really liked. So I traveled back to Costa Rica and after a couple of courses I started my journey in the Specialty Coffee business. Read more>>

Kiona Reese | Certified Personal Trainer

I began to take a hard look at my own health and the trajectory of my life as a 26 year old, and I knew that I needed to make a change. Once I finally got out of my own way and took control over my health, my passion for helping others grew. I’ve always wanted to serve the community around me which probably comes from the actor in me, but with fitness I knew I could do it in a more scaleable and impactful way. I knew there were women out there that felt just as lost and helpless as me who needed a radical change in their lives so I just went for. I fearlessly dove head first into creating what will soon be my own wellness empire, and the women I have beside me fire me up everyday. Read more>>

Jake Goodwin | Jupiter Boat Bags co-owner

Jupiter Boat Bags started with a conversation between myself & a friend while hanging out on our friend’s dock. We decided there was a need for stylish marine quality bags to use at the beach or on the boat whether for a day at the sandbar or a run to the Bahamas. It has truly been a family endeavor! We have 7 children between our 2 families & decided to have a competition between the kids to come up with the logo! My oldest son, Ryan, won & with a little tweaking the Jupiter Boat Bags logo was created! Read more>>