Starting and growing a business is hard, but often deciding to start the business in the first place is even harder. We asked some successful entrepreneurs from around the community to open up to us about how they thought about starting a business.

Kerry O’Brien | Social Media Marketing and Management

heykerry was actually created out of necessity! My previous job was working as a manufacturer’s representative for some office furniture lines and due to COVID, no one was in offices, so my commission based income vanished. As a single mom, I had to pivot quite quickly to keep our little household afloat and heykerry was born. Honestly, it was the push I needed to create something I was extremely passionate about which I don’t think I would have done in “normal times”. Read more>>

Nathalie Cardona | Womens Nutrition Coach

It was my last semester of undergrad at FIU where I was getting ready to graduate with my Bachelors in Dietetics & Nutrition. At the time I had a job as a Personal Trainer at a local gym and I loved being able to help women transform their lives through fitness. The workload for my last semester started picking up during Midterms & Finals and I found myself unable to dedicate my time to my personal training clients. Read more>>

Keneisha Duncan | Owner – IAMKD Outsourcing Solutions

I was at the lowest that I’ve ever been in my life. Among the financial struggles I experienced at the time, was the ongoing chaos taking place inside of me – knowing what I wanted, what I wanted to achieve in my life, but only being able to see what was preventing me from achieving my dreams. That is, until I began reading the book, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, and came across these words, “a change in diet will not change a man who will not change his thoughts.” Read more>>

Kenzie Mariano | Certified Trainer/Nutritionist & Entrepreneur

I’ve always wanted to help people. Fitness was something that turned my life around, so I figured, why not use everything I’ve learned in the fitness industry to help others turn their lives around too. Read more>>

Jodie Roth | CEO Butterscotch Blankees

I am obsessed with monograms so I thought I would take my sons birth announcement and make it a forever statement piece in his nursery. I used myself as the target demographic and aligned myself with stores and big box retailers that would also appreciate the modern classic love of Butterscotch Blankees Read more>>

Richele Diaz | Student , Social Media creator and Small Business owner.

I always wanted to start a business, but due to school and my full time job, I always excused myself as “I don’t have time”. After being in quarantine I started thinking about Ideas for my business, so I concluded that I like to do things with my hands so this project was the perfect fit for me because I could create designs on my strawberries and treats. January 2021, it became reality, and I started my small business locally in Miami, Florida where friends and people supported me by buying my treats for special occasions. Read more>>

Virginia Vich | Just a Mom with a Side Hustle

With my then four year-old trapped inside the house one rainy Sunday in Miami, I decided to squash the boredom and whip up some fun in the kitchen. We started testing and tasting some yummy recipes until we landed on his favorite — Classic Banana Pudding. Together, we made enough to share with our neighbors. That week, while imagining and whipping up new flavors, the neighbors came knocking for more. Read more>>

Kari Camacho | Photographer & Teacher

Flashback to summer of 2015, we booked a trip with our best friends to South America and dove into our passion of photojournalism. Our love for photography grew more than we ever thought it could. Upon our return our friends and family noted on how remarkable our talents were and that is what really moved us to start our own business. Read more>>


My entire life i knew i wanted to create my own venues. So every job I took I had that in the back of my mind. I kept it to myself and learned everything I possible could. Read more>>

Vanessa Duran | Wardrobe Stylist & Designer

When I was out of high school the Name “Plenty” popped in my head. I always had a knack for fashion and thought if I ever opened a store I would call it “Plenty.” I ended up working at a boutique called “Detour” in Las Vegas famous fashion show mall and learned so much, then ended up getting a job at “Scoop NYC’ in the Ceasar’s Forum Shops and dressed many celebrities. One of my regulars was Jamie Presley. I ended up leaving there and going to Neiman Marcus and had a million dollar book by my first year. I always thought I sell tees for over $100 I know I could do this and open a store with similar looks at more affordable costs. Read more>>