Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Randy Whitney | Wedding Videographer & Content Strategist

Owning the content I was creating was a huge motivator for me. I started my career with Major League Baseball and signed away the ownership rights to a lot of really incredible content that was used for billboards, commercial goods and sports memorabilia. It put into perspective the value of good content and retaining creative rights to media. Going into building Wedding Films Tampa I knew that I wanted to retain control of the editing and being behind the camera. Read more>>

Lauren Reid | Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

When I first got pregnant with my son, who is now four, I had a birth doula. I wanted to know everything I could and be as prepared as possible for my pregnancy and birth. Having her was one of the best decisions we made for myself and my husband. We felt so supported and I strongly felt that every woman needed a doula when pregnant. For my second birth with my daughter at home, we had the same doula, Trudie. I realized after that birth that I wanted to be able be that support for other moms to be. Read more>>

Josha Brinzo | Managing Partner

Starting my own business was always something I had dreamt of doing. I’m not sure what sparked it inside me, but I knew it was my calling. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of our family, but in a more creative way. When my brother Christian started brewing beer I knew we were on to something. It seemed like a way to take a business plan I had in the back of my mind and turn it into reality. Read more>>

Greg Hernandez | Photographer / Videographer

Starting my own business was at first a matter of necessity. My wife and I were both working jobs with irregular hours and schedules which, was doable with one child. When our second child was born it became more hectic to try and juggle both of our schedules with a new baby and a toddler. My job at the time wasn’t being very accommodating to our adjustment period so without giving it too much thought I made the decision and left. I had already been freelancing at the time so we had a little money saved up but it was then that I knew I had to buckle down and build a business rather than look for another job. Honestly it was the best career decision I’ve ever made and I can’t imagine things being any different. Read more>>

Brian Lopez | Marketer and Singer

For years, many thoughts and paths to travel have invaded me, but it is only until I focus that great things happen in my life. Focus and persistence are great tools to achieve my goals, whether in business or in my personal life. Read more>>

Nicola | Art and Creative Director – Brand Designer

I started intuitively, my academic background has to do with Graphic Design, but from the beginning I started to push the limits. I seek to get involved in the conceptual and visual development of projects. Read more>>

Demetri Papazissis | Serial Entrepreneur

Starting my own business back in 2011 was an essential milestone for my freedom and independence and that was exactly the process I followed; I wanted to become a fully responsible person for my actions I also wanted to be the one who calls the shots without being dependent to uncontrollable circumstances. Read more>>

Laura Krueger | CEO and Founder, LM Media Worldwide

I am very entrepreneurial at heart, having run a successful restaurant, catering business and multi-unit health food stores in the past, so I was always looking for another opportunity while working for someone else. I was working for a hotel company and what I noticed was no one was helping brides and grooms mitigate their wedding blocks, so I had the idea to become a third party meeting planner for brides and grooms for their room blocks, as no one was doing this in the hospitality industry. I met up with Michelle , who comes from a family of entrepreneurs, while working at Wyndham Hotel Group and told her about the idea and she loved it and our company, LM Media Worldwide, was born. Read more>>

Vanessa Susar | Executive Pastry Chef

During the lockdowns, spending all that time with my then 5 year old daughter Mila made me realized how miserable I actually was, how much I was missing from the life itself. After 8 months of being with her all day every day, when it was finally time to go back to work I knew I was not the same person anymore. There was no way that I could go back to my previous life, working for someone else, Giving up my time with my daughter for someone else’s business.. Especially when I have so much to offer. Read more>>

Mariah & Anthony Alexander | Renaissance Woman, Homesteader, & Herbalist

My husband Anthony & I are passionate permaculture farmers, but incredibly nomadic, which makes for a difficult combination, but we managed to cultivate a lifestyle where we can truly do it all. Anthony & I met and fell in love in Santa Cruz, CA, bought a van instead of rings for our engagement, and launched off to explore the country for our wedding roadtrip. After a few years on the road, and living in Key West for a year, we were hesitant to dive back into the work force. We love being with each other, and we didn’t want to sacrifice the little time on Earth spending it elsewhere. Read more>>

Dominic & Felicia Tramontozzi & Ohrt | Owners & Creative

Co-founders Dominic Tramontozzi & Felicia Ohrt launched Absideon as a brand determined to create amazing connections and products that will enhance a lifestyle of confidence. The brand name originates from Greek and Latin roots: abs – (away) ide -(thoughts) ion – (action); ABSIDEON collectively meaning to remove negative thoughts, and in many ways enrich a newly found confidence. Through our devotion to capture and showcase all aspects of beauty, Read more>>

Anthony Suarez | Back&Forward Records Founder/Owner

Back&Forward Records comes after recollecting several questions made to myself, related with the current status and the future of our music. Back in 2018, I (Anthony Suarez aka SUARE, Founder of Back&Forwrd Records) was working music, events and other ideas/projects with Censored The Audio (Co-Founder of Back&Forward Records) and some local names. We realized is hard for each artist to build a brand from scratch, individually. Read more>>

María Luisa Mendiola | Founder & Creative Director

MIGA Swimwear starts from my experience with a disfigurement I have in my feet. Every time I would go to the beach or the pool, which was often because I grew up in Costa Rica, I would get self-conscious and uncomfortable because people would stare at or ask intrusive questions about my feet. I would cope with my difference by wearing bold and vibrant swimsuits that took attention away from my toes. It wasn’t until I did my masters in design at Central Saint Martins UK, that I started to play with the idea of creating swimsuits that not only were eye-catching and beautiful, but that also encouraged the wearer to accept and love their body as is. Read more>>

Anthony Biggie” Bencomo | Sandwich Eating Connoisseur & owner of Deli Fresh Threads”

I wanted to started my own business because I work a corporate job and felt I needed to use my creativity and was missing something in my life. I promised my wife we wouldn’t go bankrupt (Ha Ha). She asked me if I won the lotto what would I do. I told her I love sandwiches but didn’t want to open a sandwich shop. I decided to sandwich my 2 loves- Sandwiches and t-shirts and started Deli Fresh Threads, a clothing brand inspired by the King of Meals- the sandwich! Read more>>

João Bocas | Entrepreneur

I always had an entrepreneurial strike from a very young age, I remember going to markets in Lisbon and selling things. But the real reason is to cause impact, plus the fact that freedom can be accessed. However it is like a contradiction because when you run a business you work much longer hours. However working for myself suits me best, as I like to dream big. Read more>>

Camille Jeremiah | CEO

I’ve always been into fashion. That’s been my first love as a little girl. I used to put on my moms heels and jewelry lol. As I got older I started wearing her clothes. She would be so annoyed with me! Fashion week, red carpets, and what’s in season has my full attention! So starting my online boutique made sense to me! Read more>>

Trish Michaels | Founder & Designer Goddess Swimwear

I was born and raised in Florida and grew up in the Tampa Bay area. At the time I started Goddess Swimwear in 2015 I was going to the beach with my friends every weekend and noticed that girls were always wearing the same bikinis from mainstream stores. I wanted something more unique and started shopping online for smaller boutique style bikini brands. There were not many at the time. I ended up on Etsy and found a super cute bikini. Read more>>

Cruise Bogle | Quadriplegic mouth painting artist

Most of my life I’ve been one to rebel against things. The idea of working in corporate America, having to punch a clock and putting my time and energy towards something that isn’t specifically mine to direct and control creatively is honestly a terrifying and freedom revoking thought. Read more>>

Essie Cohen | Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Founder

I feel like I’ve been preparing this for years, soaking up every experience, learning from challenging bosses and fabulous mentors and wanting to one day be the person making the decisions. I wouldn’t have someone telling it’s not in the budget or we aren’t sure that’s going to be impactful while they sit in an office with limited interaction in the field. I have always said I want to build and I want to mentor and be an example for women of how to lead and let them thrive. Read more>>

Dana.Briana | Balloon Stylist

When starting my business I had one thought in mind and it was how I could create generational wealth so my children will never have to experience some of the lack I’ve had to face. I wanted to give them something that would out live me. Something that was not materialistic, but will teach them valuable life lessons and offer a life of financial freedom that I never had. I made a conscious decision when my son was born to commit to figuring out a way to execute this desire of mine for my children. Starting my own business was and still is a very selfless act that I am very proud of. Read more>>

Eugenia Alliegro | Betterway Co-Founder & Head of Design

When we started our business, my partner and I had been digital nomads for a while, and our lifestyle consisted of doing freelance work online while we visited and lived in different countries all over the world. We had quit our startup jobs to be able to do this, and we were looking for ways to sustain this lifestyle while working toward something bigger over time. This was pre-COVID, so it wasn’t super easy to find a good remote job, especially one that could adjust to a different time zone every few weeks. Read more>>

Joseph Allman Jr. | Entrepreneur/Home Automation & Design Specialist

For as long as I could remember I’ve wanted to be my own boss. I’ve never done well with the concept of someone dictating what my time was worth based on their business. However, life doesn’t always allow us to achieve things when we’re ready, instead they tend to always happen right on time. In 2017 I found out I was going to be a father. While basking in that news, filled with joy and excitement, something clicked, I needed more income. Read more>>