Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Jennifer Lashbrook | Artist

I always knew I was meant to be an artist but despite getting a degree in Drawing and Painting, I had no idea how to make it my full time career. After graduation I was working a decent job and making enough to get by but felt unfulfilled. I would create laborious works of art and give them as gifts to family and friends, but did not have enough of a portfolio on my own to get out there. After attending an art festival and speaking with some of the artists, they were impressed with my work, they could not believe I wasn’t showing it. Over the next year I made it my goal to create a body of work for myself that I would be proud to get out there and actually show. After applying to multiple festivals, I got into some of the best in the country. Read more>>

Jay Carter | Entrepreneur | Recording Artist

Since I was young, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating from college, I began working some internships in marketing but would always come home and research different ways to generate money online. Since I had a good background in graphic design, I decided that website design would be a good place to start developing some skills and I started out building websites for free for some local businesses . While I was at my internship, one of my coworkers became my first paying customer. After that, I knew that I was up to something but I didn’t have the confidence I needed yet to start a business full time. Until I came across Gary Vee on social media. His content gave me the confidence and extra push I needed to go for it. Read more>>

Marcus Debie | Street Artist / Muralist

I worked at an office for 25 years as graphic designer staring at a computer screen all day, and did murals as a side job all that time. But more and more commissioned mural requests came along so I jumped into the deep becoming a full time artist and started doing what I really want and enjoy doing, being an international street artist/muralist. Read more>>

Brendan Lyons | Vocals and Guitar, Toledo

We are all heavily invested in making art and putting something worthwhile into the world. Our band gives us this opportunity. We take pride in knowing that what we make is unique in our domain, especially as we engineer ourselves as well, which is a skill-set several of us hope to refine and use down the line, potentially to help other artists. Read more>>

Frantz Casimir | Photographer/Entreprenuer

To own my own business was something that I always dreamed of, But the thought of starting my own business was an entirely different. I knew it was going to require a lot of work and many steps to finalize the process. I wanted the name of the business to be the embodiment of what it is that I was shooting…Something Unique but not foreign, I then cross checked the availability of the name to ensure zero roadblocks. I made a decision to polish this Trade/Passion/Art to best of my capabilities in order to ensure a prosperous future. Read more>>

Lauren Fache | Founder of Fachie Market

Creating an eco-friendly and sustainable marketplace for beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands was something that came naturally to me because it is already part of my current lifestyle in Miami. I always wanted to start my own business, so turning my passions into my work was a perfect fit. My friends have always asked me for recommendations of products to use and eco-living tips, so I decided to create a one-stop-shop with products that are clean, ethically-sourced and cruelty-free. I believe that living a conscious lifestyle should be easy, and affordable. That is why I started Fachie Market. Our mission is to be clean and sustainable, so not only are our products non-toxic but even our shipping is plastic-free and our packaging (box, tissue paper, insert cards, filling) are post-consumer recycled materials and 100% compostable/recyclable. Read more>>

Nephtalie Hyacinthe | Public Relations Strategist at Talie & Co. Strategies, Penned and Publishing Op-Eds in Various Outlets

My thought process behind starting my business was my passion for sharing information, creating campaigns that will put my clients in the best light, and spending as much quality time with my daughter as possible.  I went to Public Relations School with the intention to work for myself. Owning something that I love to do gives me the liberty to make executive decisions without having to explain. For example, I would scroll on social media and see a solopreneur post something that didn’t represent his/her business well and I wouldn’t have the heart to ignore it. Sometimes, I offer them a free consultation which often became a whole month of free public relations plan. Read more>>

Francisco Adaro | Visual Artist, Gallery Owner

I was traveling all over the place for art shows and gallery placements and replacements. This was fun until my wife and I decided we wanted to start a family. She was a Sommelier which was a job that required long hours, weekends and holidays and between that and all the traveling for art we knew that having our own gallery would be a much better more stable life for a family. It was extremely hard and we had about 3 years of extreme poverty before we built up a solid clientele but now we’re in a great place financially and have an equally good reputation among the other artists we represent and our clients. We’re very fortunate that we’ve been able to transition. Read more>>

Mike Tang | Creative Story Teller

I wanted to create an ecosystem where I get to work and enjoy what I do everyday of my life. Read more>>

Conor Flynn | Immortal Coffee / Rx Coffee / Immortal Martial Arts

To follow my heart and gut instincts. I was tired of wearing a “costume” in the corporate world and talking about things I lacked passion for. The biggest risk to me was getting trapped doing something I did not love. Read more>>

Christian Atkinson | Fashion Designer/ Stylist

I wanted to become a designer as I was tired of going into stores and my size never being there or the fit was just off. So I decided I can just make my own to fit perfect. Read more>>

Joann Mezadieux | Entrepreneur

I’ve always marveled at the idea of working independently since I’ve been in my early 20’s making my own schedule, reaping the benefits of my labor and calling it all mine. It sounded liberating to me, to be able to make all the decisions and being my own boss, so I slowly started planting the seeds of entrepreneurship working as a creative on side gigs while working a full time job. Starting your own business isn’t as glamorous as some people may think, it’s hard work! It doesn’t mean working less, it’s quite the opposite really, working day and night, troubleshooting and failing a lot. It’s doing all the nitty gritty work that you wouldn’t normally think of when working for an employer. But at the end It has been all worth it and oh so rewarding. Read more>>

Millennial Girls Podcast | Natasha Salehi & Racquel Goldy

Both being radio personalities in Miami, magic would happen when we would do things together, like getting featured in Billboard for our exclusive with Martin Garrix. We considered starting our own podcast on the side to “keep the dream alive”, so to speak, then the pandemic hit and we were let go from our jobs. We really had no other option but to create our own brand! With the podcast world booming, we felt this was the right place to keep ourselves relevant but also niche. Being a radio personality you are really only showing 20% of your “real” personality on-air. We knew this was a place to not take ourselves so seriously, and we wanted to be as real and relatable as possible. We’re both experienced in public speaking, Natasha is the master editor for all things video/audio/social, and Racquel is the Queen of PR. So what better partnership right? That’s how the Millennial Girls Podcast was born. Read more>>