We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Claude Aubourg | CEO, Artist and Real Estate Agent

The single most important thing decision I made was to be Fearless! To not be afraid to believe myself and to actually believe in my dreams! I need to believe in me before anyone else can. This has helped me not to give up when things get hard or when money is scarce. Read more>>

Gabriel Chingolani | Owner & Founder of Gabriel Chingolani Photography

I love this question because it spans even bigger than just my business. To answer simply: risk taking. Even before I started my own business I was always a risk taker. I visualized what I wanted and I would take whatever risk necessary to get there. For example I was born and raised in Argentina, but because I fell in love with cinema and photography at a young age I always knew I wanted to go to America where photo and cinema was top notch. Read more>>

Sharon E.A. Coleman & Natalie Rowe | Co-Owners of FIT Enterprises

The single most important decision I made that is still contributing to our success, was becoming partners with Natalie Rowe. Combining our talents, skills, and vision into one allowed us the opportunity to accomplish more together than independently. Having a partner to strategize with, share the workload, and specifically someone who is stronger in areas that aren’t your strongest, makes the process more enjoyable. It also has helped us establish a better work life balance. Read more>>

Van-Adam “Kidd Adamz” Pierre | Musical artist & Creative

I think reminding myself that things will be hard and the chances are highly against me and also being aware that none of that mattered as much as my drive and consistency. Giving up was always ruled out. In a way I forbade myself from ever dropping music, no matter what happened, so I only gave myself a few options to run with in the end. That decision to stick with the plan was definitely the most important contribution to my success. Read more>>