We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Maria Corina Ramirez | Actress, Filmmaker, Storyteller & Yogi

I am inspired by people. I am inspired by life. As generic as all of that may sound, it’s true. The fact that I feel there is an endless source of magic in the universe that we’ll never really be done discovering inspires me. It feels like we will forever be in the process of learning and understanding all the life around us. When I think about how atoms work, for example, or how a life is conceived, even if I understand the concepts scientifically, there is a miraculous element to it all that keeps me in perpetual awe and yearning to know more. When I think about human behavior, the human experience, the psyche, I am inspired to dig some more. That is why I do what I do. I heard this before and I totally subscribe to it, that artists are “scientists of the human condition.” I am inspired by that. I am inspired by the exchange of our perceptions of that condition that happens when we share our art with another, Through art, we exchange souls. Read more>>

Ethan Dangerwing | Fine Art Photographer

I’m inspired by the connections we make with each other. Not on a surface level but those interactions we have where we feel we learned something, good or bad has no standing. Read more>>

Jason Joshua | Musician & Producer

I’m inspired by our planet, my wife she’s my muse & the word freedom and what it means to me. Read more>>